What We Can Learn from Ryanair’s Recruitment Problem

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Over the past few weeks, there’s been plenty of coverage on the flight cancellations by airline Ryanair, with as many as 400,000 passengers set to be affected over the coming months. In recent days, it emerged that the reason for the cancelled flights could be a failed recruitment policy.

According to reports, more than 140 Ryanair pilots left the airline for competitor Norwegian this year, supposedly leaving Ryanair short of trained pilots to manage the planned flights safely. It was also reported that a mismanagement of pilots’ annual holiday allowance was a big factor in both the pilots being poached by a rival airline and the flights being cancelled due to lack of pilots.

So, what can we learn from Ryanair’s big recruitment problem? As a leading London recruitment agency, we’re always interested in what lessons can be learned from recruitment failings. So let’s take a look at the lessons we can take from the Ryanair issue—from the point of view of both candidate and company.

Bad recruitment policies mean bad press

Poor recruitment policies not only have an impact on your company’s productivity—but they can also backfire enormously and put you in an uncomfortable public spotlight. Ryanair has come under fire in the past for not treating customers well. Now it has to fight off allegations of treating staff poorly too. If your company can’t afford a PR disaster, perhaps it’s time to look at the gaps in your recruitment policy.

Don’t be afraid to look elsewhere for jobs

If you’re not happy in your job, you’re well within your rights to see what else is out there. If your employer is not compensating you fairly for your work, or if you feel that you’d be treated better at another company, then it may be time to consider your options and move on. All the power in the jobs market right now is with the candidate. This is true whether you’re looking for a job in engineering or an office support job—there’s real demand for top talent. If you’re skilled, qualified, and adequately experienced, there’s no reason why another employer wouldn’t want to snap you up, whether you’re looking for a role as a pilot or a personal assistant.

Look after your employees — or lose them

As an employer, you’ll know how vital it is to hang onto your top talent, from your receptionist to your senior managers. Losing great staff is bad enough, but losing them to a direct rival can be disastrous. In Ryanair’s case, this has prevented them from being able to offer certain services to their customers, which will certainly do some serious damage, both to their reputation and their bottom line. If you’re concerned about losing your best staff to a competitor, consider taking another look at their salaries, their benefits, and other things you can do to make their time at your company more enjoyable.

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