CV Layout Tips to Bag Your Ideal Job

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When it comes to applying for a new job, there are a multitude of novel ways you can make yourself a stand out candidate, from sending over your LinkedIn profile to creating a video message showing off your skills. But the humble CV remains one of the top ways to list your achievements, skills, and suitability for any role in a quick and easily digestible format.

If you’re applying for a new role, whether it’s a permanent PA job or a temporary executive assistant job, you need to make sure your CV is up to standard. As well as fulfilling its primary purpose of showing a potential employer what you can do, it must also be eye-catching and attractive. Of course, CVs should never be style over substance – but that’s not to say that style isn’t important!

Here at Love Success, London’s leading PA and secretarial recruitment agency, we’ve seen thousands of CVs, and we know what’s hot and what’s really not. So, here are our top CV layout tips to help you bag that dream role.

Don’t waste space on contact details

In the early days, creating your first ever CV, you may have been told to include many personal details, such as your home address and your date of birth – but these details are no longer necessary on a professional CV, and you may end up wasting space on them. As long as your CV contains a telephone number, an email address, and perhaps a back-up contact method, you don’t need to start listing where you live and other irrelevant information.

Use headers and dividers

Make sure you separate the sections of your CV very clearly – this makes it easier for potential employers to find the information they’re looking for. Headings and sub-headings should be larger than body text, and you can also make them bold to ensure they stand out.

Choose your typeface carefully

Much has been made of font choice in the world of branding and marketing – the same applies here. Avoid informal fonts at all costs (especially the dreaded Comic Sans). Conventional, popular fonts such as Arial and Calibri are the best choice. You should only ever use a funky, design-type font if you’re applying for a job in design or graphics – we can’t see many people bagging a receptionist job using Stencil or Papyrus!

Use a journalistic format

Journalists are often told to use the inverted pyramid structure, and this should also be used on CVs. The most important information should come at the top – your name, your contact details, and a brief personal statement. Next, you should include your previous working experience, information about your qualifications, and any additional supporting details you can think of – in that order. 

Name your CV appropriately

Formatting your CV doesn’t end with choosing a typeface and including headers – you also need to ensure the filename is professional! Sending over a CV with the filename ‘My CV (5) – Final Draft’ or something similar doesn’t look great. Consider changing the filename to something like this: [Your Name] – CV – [Role Applying For].

If you want more tips to gain a top London PA job, a permanent office support role, or an exciting office manager opportunity, explore the Love Success blog today! 

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