What Recruitment Lessons Can We Learn from Football’s Transfer Window?

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We’ve reached the end of another football season, and the transfer window is now open for many of Europe’s top clubs to buy and sell players and strengthen their teams. As a London recruitment agency, we know the world of football transfers is a world away from hiring for permanent and temporary PA jobs, but just for fun, we thought we’d take a look at what businesses could possibly learn from the likes of Real Madrid, Manchester United, and Juventus when it comes to recruitment.

Fill the gaps in your team

In football, there are eleven players on a team and each of them plays an important role. During the summer transfer window, managers attempt to fill the gaps in their team and strengthen as many positions as possible. This is where businesses should take note: look at your team’s weaknesses and attempt to address them. If you’re short of staff in a certain area or if you’re underperforming in a specific department, these are the areas you should look to strengthen.

Offer the best packages

To attract the best players, football clubs must offer the best benefits packages. We know that the benefits packages for office support jobs are a tad lower than the salaries and benefits picked up by the likes of Gareth Bale or Lionel Messi, but the concept is the same. To bring in the top talent, you need to be offering a generous salary and a number of other benefits – otherwise, you could end up losing your star candidate to a close rival.

Think about candidate motivation

Football players move clubs for a host of different reasons. Some are seeking a pay-rise, as many people are when they look for a change of job. Some want to move for geographic reasons (to be closer to their family), while others move because of ambition – they want to play for the top clubs with the biggest chance to win trophies. This is important in the world of recruitment too – as a leading secretarial and PA recruitment agency, we get to know each of our clients and try to understand what they want from a move, so that we can find the best position for them.

Hold onto your top talent

If you know that you have a highly talented individual on your team, it’s important that you move heaven and earth to keep hold of them. Take David de Gea from Manchester United, for example. He’s rated as one of the world’s top goalkeepers, and it’s been rumoured for a long time that Real Madrid want to buy this exceptional goalie. In recent years, Manchester United have extended his contract, offering him a better salary to keep him at the club and ensuring that it would take an enormous transfer fee to facilitate a sale.

The same should go for the top talent in your business. To stop rivals sniffing around and headhunting your best employees, make sure they remain on competitive packages, or they could be tempted to go elsewhere. After all, you don’t want to lose the top PA in your London office to a competitor!

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