Is ageism a problem in the office support space?

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In the ever-evolving landscape of office support jobs in London, the question of ageism often hovers as a potential concern for job seekers and professionals alike. Age is one of nine characteristics protected from discrimination by law. One in three people in the UK say they feel they’ve been discriminated against because of age.  Is ageism a problem in the office support space, or is it a misconstrued perception? What do you need to know to push against ageism in your office?

·      Experience is an asset

Contrary to the perception that age may be a hindrance, experience is often a valuable asset in office support roles, even when that experience isn’t all gained within the workplace if someone has had career breaks. Many employers in London appreciate the wealth of knowledge and insights that come with years of professional and personal experience. Your seasoned skills can be a distinctive advantage in a competitive job market.

·      Work against the stereotypes

Adaptability is the key to working against age-related stereotypes. The office has changed immensely and continues to do so. All workers need to demonstrate that they embrace new technologies, work processes, and evolving business trends. Everyone needs to demonstrate a willingness to learn and that age is not a barrier to staying current in the dynamic London job market.

·      Diversity pays off

We’ve got a long way to go in getting all employers to understand this but all of the data shows that a diverse workforce is a profitable, innovative and productive one. And age is part of that diversity. The best employers recognise the value of teams that bring together individuals from different age groups, each contributing unique perspectives.

·      Understand the role of transferrable skills

Whether you're a seasoned professional or a newcomer to the office support scene, emphasise your transferable skills. Highlight how your skills and experiences align with the specific requirements of the job. By showcasing your capabilities and adaptability, you position yourself as a valuable candidate, irrespective of age.

·      Use a trusted recruitment agency in London

We aren’t naïve. We know that despite the law, ageism is often a problem for candidates. Whether you’re deemed ‘too young’ meaning you can’t possibly have the experience required, or ‘too old’ meaning you’re stereotyped as inflexible, it’s a real problem. By applying for office support jobs through a trusted and specialist London recruitment agency, your age can be eliminated from the early stages of recruitment. We’ll advocate for you based on skills, knowledge and experience. What’s more, we work with reputable forward-thinking employers who value the benefits of a diverse workforce.

·      Address concerns

As we say, age is a protected characteristic in terms of discrimination. If you’re experiencing ageism at work or during a recruitment process, you have a right to speak up. Keep records and calmly discuss with HR or your recruitment agency any concerns related to age. Open communication helps dispel preconceived notions, especially in the case of covert discrimination.

·      Check your own bias

We all have different unconscious biases. It’s important we consider our own views. Do we inadvertently patronise younger team members or dismiss the ideas of someone close to retirement? By challenging our own biases, we foster a culture of mutual respect and effective collaboration. The more we collaborate with those who are different from us, the more we break down the biases we hold.

Age should never be a barrier to success in the office support space. If you are struggling against ageism in your career, we’re here to help you find an employer where you’re valued as an asset. Get in touch on 020 7870 7177.



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