How I got to my role as an HR Director

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The role of an HR Director stands out as a pinnacle of leadership and strategic influence. If you’re working in HR or considering a career in office support, you may wonder how to reach this level. So, today, we bring you a first-hand account of a seasoned HR Director, detailing their journey to success.

This is the story of Pauline, an HR director in The City.

My early days

Starting my career in Human Resources, I recognised the importance of building a solid foundation of experience. So in those days, I took on various office support jobs, from HR Assistant roles to recruitment positions. Temping exposed me to diverse industries, honing my skills and offering a broad perspective on the intricacies of HR functions. It was during a recession, so it was also easier to find temping roles. But looking back, it was a great opportunity to launch my career.

Temping in office support jobs provided a unique learning curve. Each assignment brought new challenges, from managing recruitment processes to handling employee relations. It was during this phase that I realised the value of adaptability and resilience – qualities that continue to define my approach as an HR Director today.

Working and qualifying

As I progressed in my career, the role of a London recruitment agency became increasingly crucial.  I needed a permanent role where I could expand my skills but also qualify. I stayed with that employer for nearly seven years going from assistant to supervisor level and gaining my CIPD certification.

Moving on is when I first encountered Love Success. They helped me secure the next step where I could continue to develop my skills but also take on more responsibility. I went for a HR Manager role in Greenwich, which was an excellent opportunity.

After a few years, I was then back to Love Success as I was ready to take on a directorship role. They approached me with information about a growing business that was considering bringing an HR director on board for the first time. This seemed like an excellent opportunity for me.

The guidance and support from Love Success were instrumental in helping me secure roles that challenged and stretched my capabilities.

What I do now

As an HR Director in a relatively young business, I now find myself at the helm of shaping organisational culture and driving strategic HR initiatives. The diverse experiences gained through all my previous roles provided the insights I’ve needed, enabling me to navigate complex challenges with agility. The foundation laid in those early days of temping continues to benefit me in my leadership role. I couldn’t have imagined that at the time.

My advice on HR careers

For those aspiring to reach the top of HR leadership, I offer this advice: embrace diversity in your experiences. Whether that’s temping for different employers, working in different sectors or pushing yourself into an area of HR you have less experience in. In leadership roles, that diversity will ensure you can take on the challenge. You’re probably used to using a recruitment agency as an employer, but use that insider knowledge to also use one to help you – I’m so glad I did.

Do you want to progress your HR career?

Human Resources roles are one of the many office support specialisms we work with at Love Success. We can help you take your HR career to the next step. Get in touch on 020 7870 7177.


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