Candid conversations about being made redundant

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Facing redundancy is a daunting prospect that many in London's office support jobs market may encounter at some point in their careers. At Love Success, we believe in fostering open dialogue around this topic to offer support and guidance. We've gathered snippets from conversations we’ve had with individuals who have navigated the complexities of redundancy with resilience and determination.

Adjusting to the shock

"It was a shock, to say the least," admits Rachel, an experienced executive assistant whose role was recently made redundant. "I had invested so much time and energy into my job, and suddenly, it felt like the rug was pulled out from under me. But looking back, it was also a wake-up call to reassess my priorities and explore new opportunities."

For Mark, a proactive receptionist facing redundancy was an unexpected turning point. "At first, I felt overwhelmed and uncertain about what the future held," he reflects. "But with the support of friends, family, and my colleagues, I began to see it as a chance to reinvent myself professionally. Redundancy became a catalyst for growth."

We are right here with you if you’ve been made redundant. We can help you reassess your career options, and help you take advantage of temporary jobs in London if you need to start earning again quickly.

Redundancy isn’t personal

Office support jobs in London can be highly competitive, and redundancy can sometimes feel like a setback. "I'll admit, there were moments of doubt and insecurity," confides Lisa, a dedicated office manager. "But it wasn’t about me, it was about the health of the business. I soon discovered new avenues for advancement. Redundancy taught me resilience and resourcefulness."

Navigating redundancy often involves confronting difficult emotions and facing uncertainty about what comes next. "I felt a mix of emotions—anger, sadness, confusion," says Alex, an administrative assistant. "It’s tough not to believe you’ve done something wrong. But I also realised that redundancy wasn't a reflection of my worth. It was an opportunity to redefine my career path and pursue what truly fulfils me."

It’s understandable that redundancy may knock your self-confidence. With Love Success in your corner, you’ll find your confidence quickly picks back up.

Every cloud has a silver lining


Despite the initial upheaval, redundancy can often lead to unexpected opportunities and personal growth. "I never imagined being made redundant would lead me to my dream job," says Laura, a sales coordinator. "But sometimes, adversity opens doors we never knew existed. Redundancy taught me to embrace change and seize new opportunities."

For many, redundancy serves as a catalyst for reflection and self-discovery. "It forced me to reassess my career goals and values," reflects Raj, an ambitious marketing assistant. "I realised that I wanted more than just a job—I wanted a fulfilling career that aligns with my passions and aspirations."

We’re here to help

Recruitment agencies in London play a crucial role in supporting individuals through the challenges of redundancy. We understand the impact redundancy can have on candidates and our priority is to provide guidance, resources, and job opportunities to help them navigate this transition successfully.

If you’ve been made redundant, please contact us .


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