CV trends for 2024

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Keeping pace with the ever-changing job market, CVs go through fashions and trends, much like anything else. So in 2024, what are the CV trends you need to know about?  In the competitive realm of office support jobs in London, staying on top of these trends can be the key to unlocking new career opportunities.

1.    Think visual

One of the standout trends for 2024 is the increasing emphasis on visual storytelling in CVs. Beyond the traditional black and white, incorporating visuals such as small infographics, charts, and icons can make your CV more engaging. This trend aligns perfectly with the dynamic nature of office support jobs in London, where creativity and innovation are highly valued. It subtly shows off some skills too.

2.    Show your gig and temp work

Once upon a time, we tried to bury freelance and temp work in wording that seemed shameful about this approach. However, flexibility is big news in office support and so showcasing temporary assignments and freelance gigs is enticing for hiring managers. CVs are adapting to reflect this change. Showcasing your experience in freelance or project-based work can be a valuable addition. For office support jobs in London, especially in the temps market of 2024, where adaptability is a prized trait, demonstrating your ability to thrive as a temp can set you apart.

3.    Know about AI

AI is not just transforming industries; it's also influencing CV trends. Using AI tools to optimise your CV for applicant tracking systems (ATS) is becoming more common. For office support jobs in London, where technology plays a crucial role, ensuring your CV aligns with these systems can enhance your chances of getting noticed by recruiters. It gets you through the first round of screening to ensure keywords stand out on your CV, for example.

4.    Show off your remote working skills

The rise of remote work has become a defining feature of the London work scene. Often you’ll work at least one day from home. Highlighting your proficiency in remote collaboration, virtual communication tools, and self-management is crucial. But you also need to show that you can do the hybrid thing with ease and are a valuable and amenable office member.

5.    Use metrics

Beyond listing responsibilities, focus on quantifiable achievements using metrics. Demonstrate the impact of your contributions with numbers, percentages, or key performance indicators (KPIs). In the competitive field of office support jobs in London, showcasing tangible results can make your CV stand out.

6.    Think about your personal brand

2024 sees the rise of personal branding statements. Incorporating a concise yet impactful statement at the beginning of your CV can help establish your unique identity, and ensure this follows across social media, like LinkedIn. For office support jobs in London, where personal attributes and cultural fit are essential, a well-crafted personal branding statement can leave a lasting impression.

7.    Use multimedia to your advantage

Adding multimedia elements in your CV is gaining popularity. Consider embedding links to relevant work samples, video introductions, or online portfolios. This trend aligns with the digital nature of office support jobs in London.

Keeping your CV up-to-date with these trends can be a game-changer in securing the job you’re after in 2024.  

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