Tips from PAs on how to improve your email communications

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Email is an indispensable tool for professionals. For PAs working in the heart of London, where effective communication is vital, mastering the art of email communication is a must. We've gathered invaluable tips and first-hand accounts from experienced PAs to help you enhance your email communication skills and excel in your office communications.

·      Keep it concise

Lucy is an experienced PA in London and emphasises the importance of brevity. "Busy professionals don't have time to wade through lengthy emails. Keep your messages concise and to the point. It shows respect for their time. Basically, use as few words as possible, and if there’s no avoiding lots, then summarise."

·      Consider your subject line

The subject line is your first impression and it will determine how quickly someone clicks, and also makes it easier for the reader to find it again. As Sarah suggests, "Craft a subject line that reflects the content of your email. It helps recipients understand its importance and relevance. Think of it like a micro summary."

·      Proofread

Katie highlights the significance of proofreading. "Typos and grammatical errors can make you appear unprofessional, but they can also jeopardise the meaning. Always proofread your emails before hitting 'send'."

·      Be professional

Amelia explains the importance of professionalism. "Address the recipient reasonably formally unless you have a close relationship. Once you’ve had some interaction, you can then mirror your email style and tone to theirs.”

·      Think about structure

"Organise your email with a clear structure," advises James, a PA for a media house. "Start with a greeting, follow with the main message, and end with a polite closing. It makes your emails easy to follow. If there are multiple things to include, use bullet points so that nothing gets missed."

·      Avoid jargon

Using jargon is common, but not everyone appreciates it. Charlotte advises, "Avoid jargon and acronyms unless you’re absolutely sure that the recipient will understand. Clarity is essential."

·      Be responsive

"Respond promptly to emails," says Alex. "It demonstrates your efficiency and respect. It’s also best to communicate when things are fresh in someone’s mind."

·      Include a signature

Include an informative email signature. Ben says, "Your signature should provide all the necessary contact information. It makes it easier for the recipient to reach out."

·      Take care with attachments

Henry advises, "Be mindful of attachments. Ensure they are relevant and properly labelled. It saves time and avoids confusion. And always remember to attach them when you say you have. To stop myself forgetting, adding the attachments is always the first thing I do, even before I start composing the text."

Effective email communication is not just about the message; it's also about the impression you leave on your recipients.

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