Tips from interviewers on where candidates go wrong

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The journey to securing your dream role through London recruitment agencies is an exciting one, but it can be fraught with pitfalls. To help you avoid these stumbling blocks, we've gathered valuable feedback from hiring managers who've shared their insights on where candidates often go wrong. Here are their tips, straight from the horse's mouth, to ensure your success in the competitive world of office support jobs.

Nail the first impression

Tamsin, a seasoned hiring manager, emphasises the importance of first impressions, "Candidates often underestimate the power of a strong first impression. It's not just about your appearance but also your confidence and enthusiasm. The initial moments of an interview are critical. Dressing appropriately, maintaining eye contact, and projecting confidence are vital for making a positive first impression. Your enthusiasm for the role and the company should shine through from the start."

Do your homework

Jim, a hiring manager for a finance company, points out a common oversight, "Candidates who haven't thoroughly researched the company and role often come across as disinterested or unprepared. Familiarise yourself with the role's requirements and tailor your responses accordingly. Demonstrating that you've done your homework shows commitment and genuine interest."

Slow down and be clear

Ashleigh highlights the significance of communication skills, "Candidates sometimes fail to articulate their experiences clearly, making it difficult for us to understand. Effective communication is paramount. Be concise and structured in your responses. Use real-life examples to showcase your skills and experiences. And if nerves are making you waffle, slow down!"

Think about your soft skills

Rachel has a keen eye for talent and looks for evidence of soft skills at interview, she says, "Candidates often focus solely on technical abilities, neglecting to highlight essential soft skills like teamwork, adaptability, and problem-solving. Highlight your ability to work well with others, adapt to change, and tackle challenges."

Be positive

Oscar told us, "A lack of enthusiasm can be a significant turn-off. We want to hire candidates who are excited about the role. Express enthusiasm for the opportunity and the company's values. A positive attitude can set you apart from other candidates."

Think about your questions

Amy reported, "Candidates who don't ask questions about the role or company may come across as uninterested or lacking curiosity. Prepare thoughtful questions to ask the interviewer. Enquire about the company's future, the team dynamics, or specific projects to demonstrate your interest."

Move on from mistakes

To add to the tips of the hiring managers above, one of our consultants adds this advice, "Everyone makes mistakes, but the key is to learn from them and improve for the next opportunity. Remember that interviews are as much about self-discovery as they are about landing a job. Accept feedback graciously and use it to enhance your interview skills for future opportunities."

Ready to secure your next interview?

Armed with these insights, you can navigate the interview process more confidently. Also, choose London recruitment agencies that are willing to support you as you prepare for interview.

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