Simple tips to improve your CV to secure temp jobs in office support

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At the moment, competition of r temporary jobs in London can be fierce. But with us in your camp, you’ll have no problem getting temporary roles. With the right approach and a standout CV, you can secure those coveted office support positions in the capital.

Most CV advice though is about permanent roles. So, here we’ve put together our tips for improving your CV when you’re looking for temp work in London.

·      Don’t make it too specific

Our number one piece of advice for those working on their CVs for permanent roles is to tailor the CV to the specific job. But when you’re looking for temporary jobs, you need a slightly different approach. Here you need to think broadly about the types of temp work that you are going for, and cater for that on your CV.

·      Quantify achievements

Employers of temps want to know that you can add value quickly. One way to do this is by quantifying your achievements. Instead of simply listing your responsibilities, showcase your impact. For example, if you improved office efficiency, mention that you increased productivity by a certain percentage. Tangible results speak volumes on your temping CV.

·      Put transferrable skills front and centre

Success in temping roles is all about transferrable skills, so emphasise these. These skills, such as communication, problem-solving, and adaptability, can be applied to various roles. Demonstrating your versatility can make you an attractive candidate.

·      Use a personal statement

Adding a brief personal statement to the beginning of your CV can set the tone and make it clear that you take temping as seriously as permanent positions. It's an opportunity to showcase your enthusiasm, work ethic, and commitment to temporary jobs in London. Keep it concise and impactful, demonstrating why you're the perfect fit for office support roles.

·      Be concise

Even for permanent roles, hiring managers don’t have time to read weighty CVs. For temping roles, they definitely won’t spend long looking. So, use clear headings, bullet points, and short paragraphs to break up the content. Avoid clutter and jargon.

·      Attention to detail

Employers want to know you’ll be reliable as a temp from the start. They won’t anticipate having to spend a long time bringing you up to their required standard. A way to show that you understand this is to proofread your CV perfectly.

·      Get our help

Writing a temp CV can be a little different from writing a CV for permanent roles. If you’ve not done it before, then get in touch and we can give you pointers so that you succeed in finding roles.

A well-crafted CV is your ticket to success, including for temporary roles. Indeed, many temporary roles don’t interview, so they rely heavily on the CV. Think about things from the point of view of temp employers, and shape your CV accordingly.

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