A day in the life of an Event Coordinator

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Are you ready to step into the fast-paced, exhilarating world of event coordination? Look no further! Love Success, your trusted London recruitment agency for office support roles, is here to take you through the first-hand account of Elise, an event coordinator in London.

Setting the stage

The sun is coming up (just about because autumn is coming!), and so does my excitement for another day of orchestrating unforgettable events. As an Event Coordinator, my mornings begin with meticulous planning. It's a flurry of phone calls, emails, and brainstorming sessions, all aimed at crafting the perfect experience for our clients. Love Success London recruitment agency connected me to this thrilling world using my previous experience as a PA, and I've never looked back.

With the coffee brewing and to-do lists in hand, I dive into the heart of event planning. From sourcing venues that capture the essence of London's charm to negotiating with suppliers and finalising contracts, every day is a whirlwind of multitasking.

Getting creative

London's rich cultural and social scene provides endless inspiration for event themes. Whether it's a sophisticated corporate event or an employee recognition gathering, my role allows me to flex my creative muscles and transform visions into reality. This is where my creative side has some fun.

But realistically, while attendees see wonderfully smooth events, always behind the scenes there will be the need for some problem solving! Every event has its surprises, and it's my job to ensure they remain hidden from attendees - especially our clients. From last-minute changes in guest lists to unexpected technical glitches, problem-solving is par for the course. I’m part of a great team with a real mix of skills and personalities, so we can usually navigate any difficulties that come our way.

Networking is essential

At lunchtime, I don’t just eat lunch! I often use lunch as an opportunity to try different venues or caterers, as well as build strong relationships with those I need to know!

Back in the office, I tend to shift gears to focus on event execution. This is especially important if there’s an event that evening. Coordinating with vendors, overseeing set-up, and ensuring everything runs seamlessly is both thrilling and demanding.

The moment the doors swing open, and guests step into our event space, I experience a rush like no other. Seeing smiles of amazement and wonder on our clients' faces, or those of employees who’ve done a great job, is the ultimate reward. It's a reminder that my role is the best I could have! I have to admit my nerves tend to bubble throughout the evening though, until it’s all gone smoothly!

As the event winds down, I oversee the teardown, ensuring that the venue is left as pristine as we found it and that everyone’s energy levels remain high until the end.

Over the next few days, I love it as feedback and gratitude come in, affirming that the long hours and hard work were all worth it. Event days tend to be long, so I get Time Off In Lieu (TOIL) which is great, as I love the flexibility.

Would you like to work as an event coordinator?

If you're ready to embark on a career that combines precision, creativity, and a touch of magic, consider joining the world of event coordination through London's top recruitment agency, Love Success. Get in touch on 020 7870 7177.

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