Etiquette 101: Navigating the unwritten rules of London workplaces

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Welcome to the wonderful world of London workplaces, where the unspoken rules can sometimes be more mystifying than a Sherlock Holmes story. As you embark on any office support job in London, it's essential to acquaint yourself with the delicate dance of office etiquette. Fear not! We're here to guide you through the twists and turns of the unwritten rules that can leave the average non-Brit baffled and the newcomer to the British workplace bewildered.

So, grab your tea cup and let's delve into British office etiquette 101!

The sacred tea round

In London offices, the tea round is akin to a sacred ceremony. When it's your turn, remember the golden rule: never forget anyone's order, unless you want your reputation to crumble faster than a biscuit in hot tea. Master the art of tea making, and you'll become the office support superstar everyone relies on. It’s not just about the tea (or coffee) and you can often expect executives to take their turn just as much as the junior PA.

Be polite

The Brits are famed for their politeness and the workplace is where politeness goes to the next level. You’ll get more support from your colleagues if you approach them politely with requests, rather than dictatorial bluntness.

Office queues

Be prepared for the subtle battle of patience and politeness whenever a queue-forming situation arrives, whether that’s entry to the training course or waiting at the canteen for lunch. No cutting in line, no matter how tempting that last sandwich looks. Respect the unwritten queue hierarchy, and use it as an opportunity to network with those next to you.

The art of small talk

In London offices, small talk is a way of life. Embrace it like a pro! Engage in conversations about the unpredictable British weather, what you’re watching on TV, or even what you had for dinner last night. These are conversation starters that are the way in to bigger subjects.

Impromptu after-work drinks

They aren’t compulsory, but those who attend regularly thrive in their careers. The workday ends, and the invitation for after-work drinks is extended, especially on a Friday. Join the festivities and mingle with colleagues, but remember to pace yourself. You don't want to be the subject of Monday morning's gossip. Enjoying some social time with work colleagues is an unwritten necessity.

Fitting in at work gets you ahead

At Love Success, we understand that mastering office etiquette is key to thriving in office support jobs in London. It’s not always easy if you’re not a Brit, or you’re new to the world of work, especially as these ‘rules’ aren’t written down.

So, if you're ready to embark on an office support adventure like no other, join Love Success and let's make your dreams a reality! Register now and discover the endless possibilities that await you in the vibrant world of London office support jobs.


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