How to navigate the job market in a recession

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Being a job seeker during a recession can feel impossible, especially when you want to work in a big city like London. Recession means more competition, fewer job opportunities and concerns about making ends meet but choosing a London recruitment agency like Love Success could be the solution. We have shared some simple strategies that will support you as you navigate the job market and find a role that will fulfil you.

Understand the impact of the recession on jobseekers

As a job seeker, the first thing you need to do is figure out how a recession could impact your chosen career goals. For example, employers may be warier of making new hires and will want to get the best value for money when they do. Additionally, there could be fewer job opportunities available in the area you want to work, so you may need to think about whether there are any compromises you are willing to make. Being mindful of the impact of a recession will allow you to be more pragmatic and realistic about the jobs that do become available.

Thinking about your search strategy

If you’ve been using the same job search strategy throughout your career, you may need to rethink it in order to deal with the impact of a recession. Think about new ways to reach employers, such as networking or finding a London recruitment agency that can help. You can also attend webinars and job recruitment events to access employers that have vacancies that they want to fill. By expanding your search strategy, you are both more likely to find a new job and be given opportunities that you had previously never considered.

Enhancing your skills for success

When a recession hits, it’s easy to stick to what you know but this can become disheartening, especially when you are keen to get a new job. Rather than applying with little success, take time to work out which skills your dream job requires and then honestly assess whether you have them all yet. If not, use your time to enhance your skills by undertaking online and in-person courses so that you can sell yourself better to any employer that you want to work for.

At Love Success, we offer a range of training options to support our candidates, all you need to do is have a chat with us about your needs and we will find a way forward together.

Working with recruitment agencies in London

At Love Success, a London recruitment agency, we find that many of our candidates come to us feeling uninspired and stressed about finding work. We work with them to define their job goals and then support them to find opportunities that will help them succeed. If you are keen to get support from one of the best recruitment agencies in London, we would love to hear from you! Check out our job listings and register your CV today and look forward to tailored advice and support that will help you get further even in a recession!


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