What degree have you got and do you use anything from it in your job?

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Very few people directly work in the precise field of their degree subject. Does that mean that your degree is wasted? In our experience, the skills gained during a degree can be used in a wide variety of careers. A graduate usually has their pick of a wide choice. To help you see this in practice, we spoke to some of our candidates about the degree they have, the career they have, and how they used their degree-related skills.

Ana – The business analyst with a geography degree

My degree is in Geography from Edinburgh university. I now work as a business analyst and I’m looking for my next role in the same field. Geography is a really useful degree subject as it is so versatile. I use lots of degree related skills but the analytical skills I learned during my degree are perhaps the most important to what I do now.

Lisa – The HR officer with a law degree

I got a law degree but on graduating I decided that working in law probably wasn’t going to be my thing for the rest of my life. I wanted to work in business and with people and so I began a career in HR. My law degree was particularly useful for increasing my employment law knowledge, as well as a general knowledge of negotiations and interactions. I think also the administrative skills you get from doing any degree position you really well for a wide range of office support jobs in London and elsewhere.

Peter – The customer service manager with a history degree

I’ve heard from lots of different people that history degrees are the most versatile. Obviously, few people go on to work within the history field, but of my uni peers, all of us easily walked into office support jobs. History as a degree subject gives you exceptional grounding in things like project management and analysis. You learn to manage and interpret different sources. You also work closely with others, so develop teamwork skills that are invaluable to many employers. Of course, I don’t use my history subject every day, but the skills I gained doing my degree have definitely helped to ensure a professional career.

Sam – The managing director with an economics degree

I always knew I wanted to go into business, but wasn’t sure how, so I chose an economics degree. It helped launch my career, through various office support jobs, scaling the ranks up to managing director. I still use many of the skills that I built on that started during my degree. For example, financial acumen and a broad knowledge of economics has been invaluable for developing business acumen and learning about strategy. I don’t think any degree is ever wasted.

Mags – The IT specialist with a computer science degree

Listening to everyone else, I guess my degree is the most relevant to the job I do today but it’s eye-opening to hear how other degrees are used. My degree gave me a good foundation for my career. It was quite broad. For example, I learned programming which I don’t directly use every day. However, knowledge of this helps me work effectively with colleagues.

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