What are people’s biggest career regrets?

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Having a successful career is a common aspiration, especially when you are early in your career or working hard to gain a promotion or recognition. However, sometimes this aspiration can leave you in a position where you compromise what is fair and right to get ahead. We talked to some of our candidates to find out their biggest career regrets so that you can avoid the same pitfalls.

Working longer hours for free – Zara’s account

When I first started out as an office administrator, I worked in a company whose ethos was that working additional hours for free was part of the job. I ended up working 12 hours a day for 8 hours' pay, thinking that it would help to prove my dedication, but all it did was make me unwell and leave me feeling under-appreciated. I found a new job for a company that encourages a positive work-life balance and have never looked back!

Waiting too long for career advice – Stuart’s story

You don't see many men in entry-level HR positions, and I often felt it was best to keep my head down and work hard if I wanted to get promoted. However, after nearly two years in my job, I was still none the wiser about what I needed to do to progress. Eventually, I asked Love Success to help me find the right next step, and they set me up with support and mentored me to find my fit – now I’m a payroll manager and love going to work! 

Not quitting sooner – Anna’s encounter

I was over the moon when, at 21, I landed a PR job with a highly-respected firm in the city. However, soon after starting, I realised the environment was seriously toxic. My line manager made my life miserable, constantly telling me they should have hired someone different but never willing to support my progression or understanding. I stayed in that job for four years before I finally decided to quit. Now I get to work in a place that values me, and I am left with the question, 'why didn't I leave sooner?'.

Not negotiating a fair salary – Emily’s experience

I've always been underconfident, and when I was offered my dream job, I was so keen to accept it that I didn't negotiate a salary that reflected my skills and experience. In fact, the hiring manager even asked me if I wanted to discuss pay, and I refused as I didn't want to look bad! I ended up doing far more than I should have for the wages I took home and eventually realised that I was worth more, so I left my job and let Love Success help me find a role that offered the right compensation levels.

Avoid regrets with Love Success

If you want to avoid regrets at work, why not work with one of the best London recruitment agencies and let us help you achieve your dreams? Love Success values each candidate and will work hard to help you achieve your career goals!


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