Tips for a successful job search

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Once you decide to start an active job search, you want to be sure that you can maximise your chances of success. There are so many pitfalls to avoid to ensure your use your time and efforts productively. Learn from the experts at our leading London recruitment agency to make sure your job search is successful.

1.    Know yourself and showcase this in your application

Lots of effort is wasted when you cast your net wide and make your applications too generic. Instead, really drill down into who you are and what you want and make sure this is weaved through your cover letters, CVs, interviews, LinkedIn and more. Our training centre even offers various tests so that you can really figure out who you are and what you’ve got to offer.

2.    Target and tailor

When conducting a job search, it’s tempting to cast your net wide and take a scattergun approach believing that the more applications you send then the greater the chance of success. In reality, this isn’t often the case. Instead go for a less is more approach. Apply for fewer roles but take more time over each application, tailoring it to the specific role. You are more likely to be invited for interview this way.

3.    Create a candidate brand

The prospective employer isn’t just going to make a decision based on your CV. They are going to do some sleuthing and check out things like your LinkedIn and other social media profiles. They need to see professional consistency wherever they look. As such, create a personal brand that’s uniform across the different channels they can access. Everything should match up yet paint a complete picture.

4.    Choose the right London recruitment agency

Not all recruitment agencies are created equally! Some are little more than a CV matching service, whereas others, like Love Success, take the time to get to know both employers and candidates to ensure a match that actually works for both parties. It’s always best to cultivate a good relationship with one recruitment agency so that they’ve got your back and can help you succeed with your job search.

5.    Create a plan

Be clear about your aspirations and goals and then work to create a job search plan. This will ensure that you have greater chance of success and don’t just take any job you’re offered. Strategically approaching your job search will ensure you have the stamina and focus to achieve what you want without regrets.

6.    Pace yourself

Going through a job search can be a timely and emotionally difficult experience. Expect highs and lows. Finding the right job rarely happens overnight and with the first application. As such, you need to pace yourself and also take time out to ensure you’re always positive and optimistic when actively searching.

A successful job search is possible with the right approach and the right support in your corner. At Love Success, we are always on hand to ensure our candidates succeed. Register now!

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