Imposter Syndrome and What You Can Do About It

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At work, do you feel a bit like a fraud? Do you feel anxious and in over your head, even though you know that you’re actually pretty good at what you do (and get good feedback)? If so, you could be experiencing imposter syndrome, which is very common in office support jobs in London, particularly for women. In fact, it’s so common that it was revealed in a review of studies done last year that up to 82% of people experience imposter syndrome.

As a leading London recruitment agency, we know that imposter syndrome isn’t always permanent. But it can be especially troublesome at certain times, such as when you are job searching. It’s more common in women and those from minority groups, and can hinder career success in these social communities.

How to overcome imposter syndrome when job hunting

If you’re searching for a new job but find yourself limiting applications because you think you don’t measure up to the ideal candidate, or you are doubting your abilities despite having a good list of the relevant skills and experience required, that’s probably imposter syndrome talking.

A recruitment consultant can really help you here. They can quantitatively and qualitatively look at your skills, experience, and aptitude and measure it objectively against other candidates. Their knowledge can help you determine the reality. You can also:

Keep track of your success:

Make note of any positive feedback or professional compliments you’re given in one place. Also write down factual accomplishments, e.g. “organised a successful event for 150 delegates”. This feel-good folder of achievements will help you to gain the objectivity you need, as well as to write your CV and prepare for interviews.

Set and record goals

In your work life, create tangible goals and record your success. This will help to boost your self-esteem. Goals also have the benefit of narrowing down your motivation. You should also do this throughout your job search—set job hunt goals and tick them off as you go.

Network carefully

Comparison is the thief of joy, so be careful who you compare yourself to. But do network with inspiring and positive peers so that you can build a realistic perspective of your place in your field. These connections can be an invaluable source of positive encouragement and validation. For example, if you are a PA and have imposter syndrome made worse by a bullying boss, then other PAs can help you see your worth.

Fill up your positivity and confidence tanks

There are lots of things you can do to feel more positive, energised, and confident every day. You can try meditating, making gratitude lists, repeating positive affirmations, and getting to know yourself better by taking personality tests, such as 16 Personalities.

Don’t let imposter syndrome rob you of the perfect opportunity

Imposter syndrome undermines you. It shakes your confidence and can leave you achieving less than you deserve or are capable of. It can make you struggle through a job search or even avoid it altogether.

Get a Love Success consultant in your camp by registering as a candidate, and we can help you say goodbye to imposter syndrome and hello to your ideal role.


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