Red Flags to Look for During an Interview

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The interview is a revealing process. It’s a way for you to vet your prospective employer just as much as it is for them to vet you. However, with your focus on presenting your best side and selling yourself, it can be very difficult to spot the warning signs that this might not be the best role for you. Being aware of what you should look out for during interviews for permanent and temporary jobs in London office support jobs can help.

Here are five red flags that you should never ignore:

  1. They aren’t clear about development opportunities

    Yes, you are being interviewed for this job right now, but even medium-term temporary jobs should factor in your professional development.

    At an interview, it is very important to ascertain how the company approaches development. How do they help each and every employee grow? Do they have set targets and training agendas? How do they ensure balanced development with the hybrid model of working (if relevant)?

    Listen to the answers and try to work out if they value their employees and consider them assets worth investing in.

  2. You don’t meet anyone else

    Interviews should generally be considered an opportunity to learn a bit more about the team you’ll be working in. This is trickier with virtual interviews, but you should meet the key people you will collaborate with, especially in a second interview. If you aren’t being interviewed by your potential line manager, but a hiring manager is doing everything, why is that?

    Sometimes the interviewee has to ask to meet the team and line manager, but if the interviewer isn’t willing, you need to consider why this might be.

  3. They stumble when talking about role, team, and corporate vision

    You want to work for a team and organisation with drive and focus, and it’s especially important to work in an environment that reflects your own personal values. This is where you get your work life fulfilment.

    Therefore, make sure you get a clear impression from the interviewers, so that you can see if it aligns with your views.

  4. They are rude or dismissive

    Shockingly, some interviewers can be rude or dismissive. Rudeness is inappropriate and a major red flag in an interview. If this is how they behave when you have no obligation or allegiance to them, what will they be like when you’re dependent on them for your salary?

    You should always be able to count on being shown respect at an interview. If you’re not, speak to your recruitment consultant and definitely do not pursue this opportunity. It won’t work out in the long run.

  5. They are overly bashful when talking about money

    We usually don’t recommend talking about money more than very briefly in an interview, and preferably not until a second interview. However, the conversation should be honest and direct. You should feel that the topic of pay and benefits is addressed with transparency.

Always chat with your Love Success recruitment consultant about any red flags you experienced during an interview. They can help you take a balanced and realistic approach, determining the best way forward for you.


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