Will You Be Part of the Great Resignation?

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The Great Resignation is the new nickname for the data revealing that a huge number of people are set to make a career change early in 2022. Before you fire up the computer to type out a resignation letter, what do you need to know about this trend?

Is the Great Resignation real?

Data reveals that many people will be looking to change jobs early in 2022, with a quarter of UK workers planning to change jobs in the next few months.

However, you should be aware that even in normal times there are always over 10% of people looking to change their job. So while there’s a hike in the numbers, we haven’t jumped to it from zero. Nonetheless, it looks like it will be the highest number of resignations we’ve seen in 20 years, according to the UK Labour Force Survey (LFS).

But let’s face it: we haven’t really been in normal conditions of late, with the pandemic and all.

During a period of uncertainty—which the pandemic has certainly been—it’s normal for workers to stay put. They want the security of the devil they know. It’s also not unusual, when things reach a more settled point again (which, despite Omicron, we have witnessed in economic terms recently), for people to start thinking about their next step. In other words, there’s nothing surprising about what’s going on here.

Should I change jobs?

Moving jobs is always a personal decision. No one can definitively tell you whether it’s right or wrong. You need to look beyond the headlines to what is right for you and your career with the available opportunities.

However, understanding some trends might help. It’s worth noting that the vast majority of people looking for a change are young—under 34. It’s probably fair to say that they have generally been most impacted by the pandemic in terms of their working lives, so it’s understandable that they want a change. This is particularly true when you realise that most young people aren’t skilled professionals; they are typically occupying low-skilled roles in sectors such as hospitality.

What you should be aware of is that employers are hiring and they are open to the right candidates. They are raising starting salaries and are more open to upskilling potential employees. At the moment, they don’t actually have sufficient candidates applying for their roles, but when the Great Resignation actually starts, that landscape might change quickly. So, if you were thinking about a change in early 2022 anyway, it would make sense to make the move sooner rather than later.

That said, the right opportunities for the right candidates always come up. This is especially true for job markets in times like right now, when employers are confident in their hiring plans.

We’re here to help you if you’re ready to hand in your notice and look for the next job. We are aware of the trends, but won’t be governed by them, always taking an individual approach to recruitment. Register today.


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