Why Are You a Temp?

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At Love Success, we specialise in both permanent and temporary jobs in London. While permanent jobs are seeing a healthy resurgence since the start of the pandemic, it is temp work which has seen us through the tough times and it remains in high demand. But temping in London is sometimes misunderstood, with people wrongly thinking it’s not as worthwhile for the individual. 

Here we chat to a range of London temps who will prove to you that working in temporary jobs is worth it!

So much experience

“I graduated nearly two years ago,” says Rachel. “Partly I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but also every job I applied for, I was lacking the relevant experience. It’s not surprising given my age! Temping has enabled me to try out a range of different jobs, helping me to figure out what I want to do with my future. Importantly, it has enabled me to gain a lot of varied experience. I’ve gained confidence because I know I can now walk into any office environment and do okay and be able to help out.”


Asher told us, “I’m not a 9-5 kind of guy really. In normal times I like to travel, and embrace all the different opportunities the world has to offer. Of course, something’s got to pay for that! So, temping really works for me. I find I can commit really hard for 3-6 months—the length of many temp contracts—and then go off and do some travelling. I then come back re-energised and ready to crack on.”

“I feel quite similar,” says Rob. “I’m a dad of three young kids and my wife is a corporate lawyer. For us, we need one of us to be a bit more flexible with their work. By temping I can avoid work over the long summer holiday, and at other family-busy times of the year. It wouldn’t work for everyone, but it works for us. I’m also hoping it means that I’ve kept my skills fresh for when the children are older and I can return to a permanent contract.”


Lucy says, “I absolutely love the opportunities I get through being a temp. I tend to take on very short contracts, covering sickness or helping out on a specific project. It means that I am the Mary Poppins of the office—coming in to rescue things! That makes me feel great and has given me some really diverse and interesting opportunities over the years, from preparing for a VIP visit to working on launching a new product line.”


“So many of my friends seem to think that I’m paid less because I’m a temp, but they are wrong! I’ve been temping for several years now and I’ve seen rates go up hugely, especially if you have good skills and an excellent track record. What’s more, because I just work through one London recruitment agency, I get things like holiday pay and employment protection. I don’t feel like I’m financially worse off than anyone in a permanent position—if anything, it’s the opposite!”

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