Want to Give Your CV the Cutting Edge? Do Some Voluntary Work!

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The average CV is looked at for mere moments. Yours needs to stand out and show that you’re different. This will get the hiring manager hooked and wanting to read more. However, hiring managers are also extremely skilled at quickly identifying gaps in your knowledge from your CV. Volunteering is one solution to both of these situations that will help those applying for office support jobs in London. What’s more, it brings a whole heap of other benefits, from increased happiness to better health.

What does volunteering bring to your CV?

Volunteering can take a huge range of forms. It can be helping out with the local Cub Scouts or providing hospital transport for the elderly. It could be becoming a befriender for a telephone service or joining in a litter-picking event. There are untold opportunities. And these opportunities translate into skills that you can put on your CV.

For example, a Cub Scout volunteer may have to develop interpersonal and organisational skills. The hospital volunteer transport provider develops patience, tolerance, and commitment. The telephone befriender employs many telephone customer service skills. Even the litter picker demonstrates that they’re community-minded and committed to a goal larger than themselves.

Furthermore, volunteering instantly shows that you have something that sets you apart from the majority. Only 1 in 5 people of working age volunteer regularly—and it’s particularly unusual among younger workers. Many of those applying for office support jobs in London through our London recruitment agency are younger, so if you can list volunteering on your CV then do!

What skills will volunteering develop for your CV?


Leadership is a difficult skill to develop without an opportunity, yet it’s often desired in job criteria. You’re far more likely to be able to take on a leadership role in a voluntary organisation and thus have a chance to prove yourself.


Most voluntary roles will depend on a range of different people collaborating with a common objective. They’re a great opportunity to work with different characters and develop your teamwork skills.

Project management

With voluntary work, you may have the opportunity to oversee a particular project, whether that’s organising a trip away for the Cubs or running a coastal litter-picking event. These experiences give you fantastic examples to use for things such as managing budgets, social media, planning etc.

Interpersonal skills

Within most workplaces, interpersonal skills are invaluable. Central to this is the ability to communicate effectively with a range of people. Volunteering will require you to stretch and practice your communication skills.


Whether you’re looking at temping in London or a permanent role, being able to show that you can adapt easily to different environments and situations is crucial. Being able to put voluntary work on your CV shows that you’re willing and able to apply your skills in different ways and different scenarios.

Personal attributes

You spend a lot of time with the people you work with. Hiring managers are looking for individuals who will easily fit in with the culture of their organisation. They’re looking for kind people who can empathise with others and have a willingness to help. Volunteering says a lot about an individual’s character and attributes.

Volunteering is fantastic for many reasons, but don’t overlook what it can do for your CV.


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