How Do I Choose a Virtual PA for My Business?

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With the exception of physical tasks like setting up conference rooms, there’s nothing a PA can do that a VA can’t. For many businesses, a VA is perfect for performing any admin or assisting particularly busy executives or management. At our PA recruitment agency, we have a Virtual Support Service where you can access VAs.

We understand that for many people, using a VA is a new concept. So how do you choose one?

  1. Ensure choice

    By using a service such as ours, you get choice. The majority of independent VAs are sole traders, which limits your possibilities. Be clear about what you need in terms of specific tasks. A Virtual PA can provide an alternative to employing a temp, especially during the current lockdown, so don’t feel that you can only employ a permanent, full-time VA.

  2. Consider the skills needed

    Based in London, we know that PAs employed in the capital who currently work virtually will all have solid administrative and IT skills. Individually, they will have higher-level skills in specific areas as it can be a very broad role.

    Consider what skills your business needs them to have. Should they be skilled with PowerPoint, customer service, or social media? Where relevant, it’s also worth seeking out someone with relevant industry experience.

  3. Know that communication is key

    Communication is vital for virtual working. Your Virtual PA won’t be able to poke their head around your door to clarify something. Effective communication depends on both sides making it a priority. To keep things clear and simple, we also recommend streamlining communication to just one or two methods.

  4. Ensure they’ve been checked

    Remotely interviewing a Virtual PA is very different from traditional interview methods. This is another reason we recommend our Virtual Support Service. All of our PAs are verified and have a relationship with us. References can be checked easily too.

  5. Value initiative

The best PAs are skilled at taking the initiative. For virtual working, this is even more important. Make sure your VA is capable of deciding the best course of action in the context of your needs. Being proactive and capable of making sensible, productive decisions is vital. You don’t want to spend more time hand-holding your new assistant than the task you want them to do would take.

When you choose a virtual support service, rather than an individual, you get greater security and flexibility. If things don’t quite work out, it’s easy to secure another assistant quickly. Likewise, if your VA is ill or unavailable, cover will always be available.

Give us a call on 020 7870 7177 to make use of our Virtual Support Service.


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