Exercise Can Boost Your Performance at Work. Here’s How.

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We know that the current situation means many of London’s office support workers are now working from home. Our recruitment agency in the capital is no exception. Some of our own team have been struggling with cabin fever or the afternoon slump. One solution that you can do at home is exercise.

That’s right! Exercise can boost your performance at work. Chances are that when you were in a routine, commuting to work, you were doing far more exercise, be it dashing for the Tube or taking the stairs ten times a day. That’s changed and as a result, you might be feeling sluggish and unmotivated.

The benefits of exercise when homeworking

Most of us have a basic idea of the benefits exercise brings: it’s good for your physical and mental health, and it can boost your confidence and self-esteem. However, exercising also has notable benefits for your working self. One article reveals: “many scientists suspect that exercise alters the biology of the brain in ways that make it more malleable and receptive to new information.” Looking at it from a work perspective, exercise is a powerful tool.

  • Brainpower boosts:

    Struggling to solve a problem? Exercise can improve your cognitive (thinking) skills and boost your memory. Regular exercise increases the volume of certain areas of your brain. It helps keep your mind clear and allows you to remember things more easily. That’s a great help when you sit down to work.

  • Stress relief:

    Exercise helps us deal with stress by reducing the hormone responsible, cortisol, and releasing happy hormones, endorphins. There are many reasons why homeworking may be stressful right now: technological challenges, adapting your role to homeworking, and difficulties communicating. On top of that, you might be worried about your health, family, food, money, and the world in general. Let’s face it, it’d be strange if you weren’t stressed!

  • Energy:

    It may seem counter-intuitive, but using energy to exercise actually helps boost your overall energy. That’s why you can tackle that sleepy feeling by getting up from your desk and taking a walk. There’s no reason why you can’t do this right now.  You could walk around the house, go into the garden (if you’ve got one), or go out for your daily exercise, as long as you stay two metres away from anyone not from your household.

  • Focus and productivity:

A Harvard study revealed that exercise boosts your focus and productivity by improving your concentration. It can even inspire creativity. For those working from home, without the energy of co-worker to spur them on, exercise can be a great way of focusing and getting things done.

How to exercise from home and gain the work benefits

There are challenges to exercising at home, but it’s not impossible. For some, a lunch-hour walk or run around the block will be enough. For others, a YouTube or DVD workout could be the solution. Some may even wish to buy a treadmill or exercise bike to use at home.

What matters is that you keep it up and build it into your new routine. We promise you’ll feel better and find working from home easier.


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