How to Add Value as a Temporary Worker in Office Support Jobs

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The role of an office support worker can, on the face of it, have a simple objective: to enable and facilitate smooth processes that add value to those around you. However, it’s not that clear. It’s also not that straightforward, particularly for temporary workers in office support jobs in London. How do you add value when you’re not there permanently? What about if you don’t yet know the organisation, the people, and the processes? How can you deliver added value when doing temp work?

At our London recruitment agency, we’re frequently tasked with filling office support jobs in London. Employers come back time and again and actively choose temp staff, because it is possible to add value. So, here’s how:

  1. Be prepared

    Choose placements through a London recruitment agency such as Love Success and you should be equipped with preliminary information to hit the ground running. You need to know the purpose of the placement—what is the employer looking for?

  2. Prioritise communication

    Your number one weapon in adding value is ensuring that you’re an effective communicator. This way, you can quickly find out where the problem areas are, what the priorities may be, and deliver. Communication also enables you to quickly assimilate the important information about this place of work, this team, and this unique placement.

  3. Organise first

    Depending on the nature of the placement and the organisation, you may be walking into a mighty mess or a sleek operation. Regardless, your first task is to organise yourself within your new surroundings. You need to know which systems to access and use. This is considerably easier if you’re already familiar with a diverse range of skills and programmes.

  4. Focus

    Often, with temporary office jobs, there are a whole heap of demands. Work out the priorities and then focus to make headway quickly. Work methodically and efficiently. Your aim at this stage is to ‘clear the desk’ and effectively get to a clear starting line. Do this as quickly as possible so that you bring a sense of order.

  5. Be proactive

    Once you have order, it’s time to be proactive. Temp workers can easily make the mistake of sitting and waiting for tasks to land on them. Instead, look ahead in the calendar to see what needs doing. Think about the mess you just sorted out—how can it be prevented in the future? Ask yourself what you can do to support this function even when you’re no longer here.

  6. Be positive

Success is easier with positive relationships. However, you may not have time on your side here. Therefore, simply be positive. Your enthusiasm and drive will enable you to quickly form the relationships you need to add value. Be open and cheerful.

Those doing temp work in London who add value quickly and efficiently are those who are in high demand and build exceptional careers in office support. Don’t dismiss your ability to add value as a temporary worker. You can find temporary office jobs with our London recruitment agency by calling 020 7870 7177.


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