Looking for a PA in London? Here’s What You Should Look For

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If you’ve not had a PA before or roles are changing, do you know what you’re looking for? PA jobs in London are hugely variable. Taking a few minutes to define what you really need from your next PA can help you approach your chosen London recruitment agency with confidence and a high chance of snagging the best-fitting talent. So, here are our top recommendations of what you should look for based on our wealth of experience as a PA recruitment agency.

Discretion and trustworthiness

PAs are in a unique position. Often they are privy to information that is confidential. In addition, they are the guardians of your business reputation.

Organisational ability

The single biggest area where a PA can add value is through exceptional organisational skills. It’s their job to make sense out of the chaos that can easily arise from executive positions. Their very raison d’être is to bring organisation to your function from managing your schedule through to juggling a myriad of administrative tasks. Core to this is outstanding time-management ability.

Interpersonal skills

Your PA will quickly become the conduit between you and those you manage. They will also be pivotal in collaboration between you and other executives. Add to this the fact that you, personally, will be interacting with them constantly. For this reason, look for a PA with proven interpersonal skills from their telephone manner through to their communication via email. Predominantly, you’ll be looking for someone calm, polite, and good company but who can also be carefully assertive when needed.

Reliability and consistency

Ideally, a great personal assistant will become your right-hand guy or gal. They will therefore need to be reliable and consistent. It’s their job to have your back. To this end, they need to be reliably punctual and organised. In time, you’ll be able to trust that many tasks will simply happen without you needing to ask.


In line with this, you need a PA who is capable of thinking for themselves and not constantly requiring a hand-hold. Look for candidates who have proven they can identify problems and fix them, without needing to be told to do so. PA roles rarely have clearly defined borders—they simply need to do what needs to be done—and anticipate this.


Modern business life is only able to succeed when technology is embraced and applied effectively. Your PA needs to be able to embrace technology to make your working life and theirs easier. This applies from the simplest flight booking and reservation apps through to complicated in-house software.


The role of a PA to an executive is highly dynamic. The different calls on their time vary as much as the different calls on yours. For this reason, you need to choose an individual who is flexible and able to adapt to the needs of the moment. Life as a PA can get hectic and they will spin plates whilst juggling tasks. Yet they still need to be able to calmly spin on the spot and change direction if needed.

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