Brighten up Blue Monday: How to Be More Mindful in the Workplace

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It’s Blue Monday … supposedly the most miserable day of the year for UK workers. So, what can you do to cheer yourself up? The answer may rest in being more mindful. Mindfulness can improve work performance, job satisfaction, and motivation. In fact, many big-name companies such as Facebook and Google have set up meditation groups for staff to become be mindful and better able to tackle their work. So, how can we integrate mindfulness into our everyday working environment to decrease stress and increase efficiency?

Take breaks

While there’s no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to mindfulness, one thing applies to all workers—and that’s breaks. Breaks are necessary for a productive day, whether it’s taking 5 minutes to let your mind wander if you can’t leave your position, such as in receptionist jobs, or walking around the office or the building if you can. Taking time for a mental or physical break can refresh the mind and body for work.

Take time to think

As a leading office support recruitment agency, we know that work often involves multi-tasking and juggling tasks, especially in EA and PA jobs, so it’s important to look after your mind. When you’re working on a task, focus your attention on that single task, rather than thinking about the next job. You might work in a fast-paced job, but remember to take the time to stop and think.

Notice the little things

In reality, there are some things we can’t take a break from or get out of. For example, if you work in a PA job and have back-to-back meetings, take a few deep breaths as you’re walking from one meeting to the next and notice small things around you. Even a few minutes of being aware of your actions and feelings can help you be more mindful.

Speak mindfully

While it’s tempting to rush through conversations in the workplace or only give them half of your attention if you’re working, having mindful conversations can improve your working life. When you’re speaking to a colleague, stop your other tasks and pay attention to the other person. Think before you speak, so you can have more mindful, valuable, and human-centred conversations with your colleagues.

Speak about mindfulness

We can all benefit from mindfulness—from manager level to office juniors. If your colleagues haven’t heard of mindfulness, why not have a meeting, training session, or discussion about the different approaches and techniques? Helping people understand it may improve your colleagues’ work lives and make the entire office a more peaceful place. 

Mindfulness in the office

Whether you work in busy receptionist jobs, challenging EA jobs, or difficult office manager roles, work can be a very stressful place. Practicing mindfulness together can change the office culture and create a more positive environment for everyone, making people feel more content and confident in the workplace. Not just on Blue Monday, but for the long term.

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