5 Top Tips to Make Your CV Stand out from the Crowd

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Research has shown that recruiters spend only 7 seconds on average perusing your CV before they decide whether to offer you an interview or not! That means it’s vital to create the right impression when you’re applying for permanent or temporary jobs. As a leading London recruitment agency, it’s our business to know what employers are looking for, so here’s our top tips to make sure your CV stand out from the crowd and ensure you bag that interview.

#1 Make a strong start

Whether you’re applying for one of our office support jobs in London or any other role, we always recommend starting strong with your CV by writing a powerful personal profile. Summarise your key accomplishments and skills here, as this will attract the recruiter’s attention right from the start. Your personal profile is a vital element of your CV, as it tells the recruiter who you are, so give them a positive impression!

#2 Emphasize your achievements

When you’re applying for office jobs, it can be tempting to simply list the experience you’ve got. Outlining your responsibilities is good, but emphasizing what you’ve achieved is so much better. Use quantifiable data to demonstrate everything you’ve accomplished, for example, “I increased engagement with social media for my last employer by 42%”. This is a lot more impressive than simply saying “I helped increase my previous employer’s social media engagement”, and will make your CV truly stand out.

#3 Customize your CV for the role

At our PA recruitment agency, we all too often see generic CVs that aren’t tailored to the specific role. This won’t make your CV eye-catching at all. Recruiters want to know that you understand the position you’re applying for. So tailor your CV to each job you’re applying for, and relate your accomplishments and experience to the individual elements of the role.

#4 Show your industry insights

Many of the people you’re competing against for the position will have no knowledge of the industry. So make sure you show that you’re a cut above the rest. Demonstrate that you know what their business sector is all about, you know the company’s mission and values, and you’re on point when it comes to industry news and developments. This will serve you well if you’re invited to interview.

#5 Harness power words

In a CV, power words are vital to emphasise your accomplishments, and are the best way to add impact. Words like “implemented”, “innovative”, “achieved”, and “adaptable” are all highly effective on your CV. Some companies even use software that filters out candidates who haven’t used specific key words. As such, it’s important to study the advert or job description thoroughly so you know exactly what the company is looking for.

Need expert help?

It can be difficult to draft the perfect CV. But with these top tips, you’ll be well-equipped to impress any recruiter with a stand-out CV. If you need more help with writing your CV or applying for office support jobs, EA jobs, or PA jobs in London, get in touch with our recruitment experts today. Good luck with your applications!


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