Top Tips to Get Ready for a Video Interview

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Whether you’re looking for PA jobs, EA opportunities, or office support roles, at some point you might encounter the video interview. More and more companies are using the video interview approach, as it saves time and is relatively cost effective for both sides. For some candidates, this can be a fun experience, while others find the video interview a challenge. So, here are some quick tips on how to succeed at a video interview from our PA recruitment agency team.

1. See the benefits

There are actually some advantages to a video interview, which are worth considering if you’re worrying. For example, you can put crib notes on your desk out of site, which can help keep you on track. You don’t have to worry about travelling to a specific location, and whether you’ll be late or not. And you can conduct the interview in the comfort of your own home!

2. Do the usual prep

The trick is not to treat the video interview any different to a regular face-to-face interview. The only change is that you’re sat in front of a camera instead of in an interview room. You still need to do all the preparation that you would normally do.

3. Make sure the tech works

One of the big issues with video interviews is the worry that the tech will suddenly break down. That’s why you should have a stable connection in a place, where you are confident that everything works. For most of us, this is in our home. Setting up close to your Wi-Fi hub will add an extra layer of protection.

4. Pick the right location

The background of your video interview is important. Obviously, you don’t want a bedroom scene with a load of clothes lying on the floor. Neither do you want any interruptions if there are other people in the house. Try to avoid locations that have excess noise, such as from the street outside. In other words, pick a place that is quiet and free of any clutter.

5. Adjust your lighting

You don’t want to appear in front of your interview panel with half your face in darkness. Natural light is always the best, but if you are having the interview in the evening, ensure that you have plenty of lighting in place. At our London recruitment agency, we often see job candidates who appear to be in darkened rooms, which can be a little offputting.

6. Do some practice

Whether you’re applying for office support jobs or EA jobs in London, it pays to do a little practice beforehand. Appearing in front of a camera can have a strange effect on some people, so take some time to give it a go with a friend or work colleague before you do the actual interview.

7. Dress appropriately

Finally, just because you’re at home on video doesn’t mean that you can avoid getting dressed up for the interview. It’s still a big part of the process and you need to have the right attire on. As a recruitment agency in London, we’re just as focused on the whole interview process, whether it’s being carried out in person or on video.

If you’d like more top interview tips, then stayed tuned to our recruitment agency blog. For help finding temporary or permanent PA jobs, office support roles, and more, get in touch with our team at Love Success today.


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