Top Tips on How to Reduce Business Travel Stress

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Not every employee has to travel as part of their role, however, there are plenty that find themselves having to head out of their office from time to time for business trips. This could be by train, plane, or car, but one thing is for sure—business travel can be stressful!

At our London PA and secretarial recruitment agency, some of our roles involve travelling—especially those exciting EA jobs where you may arrange travel for your boss and accompany them on business trips. So, if you’re thinking about taking a job with business travel, or you work in a role that involves business trips, we’ve put together some top tips on how to reduce business travel stress.

Plan ahead as much as you can

If you can plan ahead for your business trip, then you’ll save time and reduce your stress levels. Look at ways that you can reduce your travel time, such as airport security quick passes or arranging a hire car or driver in advance. Make sure you have a travel checklist, as this will help ensure you organise, pack, and take everything you and your boss needs.

Check out travel apps

There are a number of travel apps you can use that make any business trip easier, such as Yelp and Trip Advisor. These travel apps help you to find hotels, other accommodation, and places to eat, which is likely to be part of your role if you’re in an EA or PA job. Having this information to hand will help you get organised and know that you are in control of what happens when you get there, where you’re staying, and where you’ll eat and visit.

Always talk about the finer details of the trip with your manager

As it’s a business trip, you’ll most likely be working while you’re there. This means that you need to discuss some of the finer details of your trip with your manager and know what you need to do when you’re there. Set clear goals and objectives about what needs to be achieved, make sure that you have all the information required, and make sure you can connect and link up to any work servers or email while you’re are away.

Try to enjoy the downtime

You’re likely to spend time on your business trip doing work. However, if you spend too much time working, then you may end up feeling stressed. If you get the chance for downtime, then use it! Unplug, recharge, and spend some time on yourself—as long as your boss knows where you are if they really need it. Not only will this reduce your stress levels, but it’ll also mean you’re ready to tackle those challenging tasks when you switch back on.

Don’t mind the idea of travelling? Or perhaps you want to stay closer to home? Here at Love Success, we can help you to find a job in London that’s just right for you. From EA and PA jobs that involve business trips and travel planning to global business, we can help you in your career.


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