How to Deal with Energy Vampires in the Workplace

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Workplace relationships are influenced by the giving and taking of energy. Whilst some colleagues energise us and make us feel inspired, others sap that energy—sucking the life out of us. If you spend your working day with an energy vampire and you’ve become their unwitting victim, it’s time to take action!

As a leading London recruitment agency, we know how important it is to be energised and motivated at work, so here’s how to spot and deal with an energy vampire in your workplace!

Vampire 1: The Cry Baby

This energy vampire spends their day whining about various things, and they love a captive audience. Their “poor me” attitude means they’re more interested in complaining than finding ways to solve their problems. 

What to do: You need to set clear boundaries with this type of energy vampire. Try to limit the amount of time you spend discussing their problems. Kindly but firmly tell them that you can only spare a few minutes to talk today and then get on with your work.

Vampire 2: The Incessant Talker

This vampire may initially seem entertaining, but when their talking doesn’t stop, your patience will be tested. You won’t get a word in edgeways, and they’ll invade your personal space to the point that you feel their breath on your skin.

What to do: These people can’t read nonverbal clues, so you’ll need to be vocal if you want this vampire to stop talking. Whether you work in PA jobs or office support roles, you need to be able to focus at work. Interrupt them and tell them politely that you’re a quiet person, so you prefer not to talk much at work. This should hopefully do the trick.

Vampire 3: The Fixer Upper

This vampire wants you to solve their endless stream of problems. They’re trying to use you as a personal therapist, hoping that you’ll rescue them yet again. They head straight to your desk at lunch, dominating your free time. Their neediness can be exhausting, leaving you feeling drained at the end of each day in the office.

What to do: Don’t accept the role of “rescuer.” Demonstrate empathy but try not to offer solutions, as this will only encourage them. You may also want to suggest that they seek help from a qualified professional—sensitively of course!

Vampire 4: The Blamer

This type of energy vampire makes you feel guilty or not good enough if you don’t get things quite right. They always have negative comments to make, which can be a constant energy drain. 

What to do: Visualisation techniques can be helpful when dealing with this type of vampire. Imagine yourself surrounded by white light when you’re talking to them—think of it as a cocoon that protects you from harm. You’re safe and secure in there, which means their negativity can’t deplete your energy stores.

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