Why Temping Is Well Worth Considering

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When mapping out your career, taking a temporary role probably isn’t part of your plan. However, temping has a vast array of benefits that mean it’s well worth thinking about. At Love Success, we’re a leading recruitment agency that have placed many candidates in temporary jobs and permanent jobs in London, so we know all about temping. Here’s why writing off temporary work could be a mistake… 


One of the biggest benefits of temping is the flexibility that it offers. Taking a temporary job means that you’re in control. You decide how often you work and what career breaks you take. This means that you can easily fit work around your life, rather than your work dominating your life. 

Develop new skills and gain experience 

Administrative and clerical skills will stay with you for life, and are qualities that every company and various professions look for. By taking temporary PA jobs or temporary office support jobs, you will take on a variety of duties, helping you to develop vital skills that will only make you more employable. These include communication, organisation, and typing skills, to name a few. 

By working in several different environments, you’ll portray yourself as experienced, and showcase your ability to adapt and flourish in various work cultures. If you’re looking to eventually work in executive assistant jobs, temping can enable you to gain the skills you’ll need. 

Explore your career choices 

Temporary work allows you to explore your career options, enabling you to try out different roles to decide which is best suited to you. By taking on different assignments, you can establish what type of role you want to aim for on a permanent basis. For example, if you’ve been working in temporary office support jobs, you may decide that you want to try for PA jobs or receptionist jobs.  


Temporary jobs can open up a whole new world of opportunity. Every job you take will expose you to new people and allow you to make contacts with those who could help you advance further down the line. As the saying goes, ‘it’s not what you know, but who you know’, and this has never been truer than in this case. Your work within a company may result in an employer referring you to another department or organisation that they know is recruiting. 

A temporary role could become permanent 

Many Love Success temps have taken temporary PA jobs, and it’s gone so well that they’ve been offered permanent roles within the company. Often, they’re offered positions already available within the company, but sometimes a firm has created a position simply because they want the temp worker as part of their team. Finding a permanent job in a highly competitive market is tough, but temp work can help you to get a foot in the door, impress your employer, and secure a permanent job that you love. 

To find out more about temporary positions available in your area, contact our team. We can help you to find top PA jobs and office support jobs in London that are suited to your skills and experience.


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