Are You Looking for a Higher-Level PA Role?

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Have you been working in your current PA job for several years and know everything there is to know about the job? Perhaps you’ve started to feel bored and disinterested? If so, it could be that you’re outgrowing your role. If you don’t feel excited or challenged when you sit down at your desk each day, and are simply going through the motions, this may well be the case. As a leading London PA recruitment agency, we know a thing or two about PA jobs. So here’s some tell-tale signs that you’re outgrowing your PA job…

You don’t feel motivated

This is common amongst people who’ve been working in permanent PA jobs for years. If you no longer feel engaged with your work or don’t feel like you’re contributing much to the company, it’s time to consider your role. Do you need to seek out more challenging office support jobs? Perhaps a new environment will give you that creative spark once again. 

Every day is the same

For most people working in temporary or permanent PA jobs or receptionist jobs, variety is the best thing about them. Every day is completely different, which is what PAs love. Therefore, if you find that every day is the same and you have little or no variety, it’s a good sign that you have outgrown the role! Perhaps you have become so good at your job that any problem you encounter is quickly and easily solved, leaving you with very few new challenges each day.

Your expertise is not being used

As a PA, you have a great deal of skills and expertise, which is why you landed your current role in the first place. But you might find that your favourite skills are not being utilised, those that came with a university degree or took many years to hone through hard-fought experience. If this is the case, it could be that you’ve outgrown your PA job. It may be time to find a new role that will allow you to use your skills to maximum effect.

There’s no room for growth

If the company you work for is small and not growing, you may not see opportunities for promotion. Or if you bring a unique set of skills to the business, you may not have the opportunity to learn from an internal mentor. If you don’t see where your current role is taking you or how you can grow your skills, it’s likely that you’re ready for something new. It could be time to move into a fresh role with a clear career development path. To find top PA jobs and office support jobs in London that allow you to grow with the business, contact Love Success.

If you’re ready for a new challenge, why not apply for higher-level executive assistant jobs? This position combines similar business-related duties carried out by a PA, with the extra task of organising your boss’s personal life. Whilst the salary is usually higher, you can expect to work longer hours too. If you’re interested in applying for executive assistant jobs, or office support jobs with greater responsibility, contact Love Success. We’re a top PA recruitment agency and can help you to find the perfect role to suit your experience level and skillset.


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