Rules for Buying a Christmas Gift for Your Boss

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Christmas is a time for giving, so you may be wondering what you should buy your boss as a gift? As a PA, you probably know your boss very well, especially if you’ve worked with them for a long time. In fact, you probably know their clothing size, as well as what they like on sandwiches! Here are the rules for buying a Christmas present for your boss…

Consider a group gift first

If you work for a small company, it can be a good idea to give a group gift instead of a gift from you alone. This not only takes the pressure off you as an individual, but it allows colleagues the opportunity to participate. If someone else is already arranging buying a group gift, it’s better to participate than give a gift independent of the group. Choosing not to partake may reflect badly on you.

Be discreet

If you do decide to give a gift from yourself, make sure you deliver it discreetly, instead of in front of other employees. Trying to “out-gift” your colleagues could make you look bad. Whether you work in a permanent PA job or another office support role, you want to ensure that you come across as a team player.


You can only really get away with “out-gifting” other employees if you and your boss are friends outside of work and you want to acknowledge your personal rather than professional relationship.

Keep gifts simple and inexpensive

Whether you’re working in a permanent or temporary PA job, chances are you’d like nothing more than to impress your boss in the hope of getting a promotion. However, it’s better to do this through your hard work, rather than buying them expensive gifts. Keep the gift simple yet sincere, and inexpensive. Over-the-top gifts may make your boss feel uncomfortable, and also put pressure on them to respond with an equally high-priced gift.

Never give cash

Cash gifts send the message that it was last minute and that you don’t know your boss’s tastes or interests well enough to buy them something personal. In permanent PA jobs and executive assistant jobs, this is a bad sign, and you won’t come across well. A gift card is appropriate to give to your boss, but cash is not. Keep in mind that you should always give honestly and without expecting anything in return—this includes a gift, promotion, or raise!

Read up on company policy

Believe it or not, some organisations forbid any type of gift giving. Therefore, it really is essential to find out what your company’s policy is on buying Christmas gifts before you make any purchases. This can help you to avoid any embarrassment or awkwardness!

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