Election 2017: What Does Labour Say about Workers, Employment, and Recruitment?

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As we ramp up to the third big political vote in as many years, the team here at Love Success is going to be looking at each of the main parties’ manifestos to examine what they have in store for workers and employment, as well as gauging how this could affect the market for a PA recruitment agency like us, including the effect on office support and temporary PA jobs. First up, we’ll be looking at Labour’s manifesto, to see what Jeremy Corbyn’s party is proposing should they end up with a working majority next month.

Zero-hours contracts banned

The most eye-catching employment-related pledge in the Labour manifesto is probably the commitment to end zero-hours contracts. These contracts have been a source of enormous debate in recent years, with many claiming that they exploit workers. A Labour government would guarantee a minimum number of paid hours per week for all workers, and those who work less than 12 hours per week will have a contract reflecting those hours.

Rights for workers

The Labour manifesto seeks to safeguard workers’ rights that come from the EU, even in the wake of Brexit, pledging to replace the Great Repeal Bill with the EU Rights and Protections Bill. Labour also hope to give all workers equal rights from their first day of employment, whether they work full time or part time, on a permanent or temporary basis.

New Living Wage

Labour have committed to raising the minimum wage to the level of the Living Wage, with this increase applying to all workers aged 18 or over. Currently, the National Living Wage is only paid to those over the age of 25.

An end to unpaid internships

Labour want to ban unpaid internships, creating what they say is a fairer system that doesn’t give priority to those who can afford to work for free. We’ll be discussing the debate about unpaid internships in further detail on the blog later this month, so keep an eye out for that!

No more tribunal fees

Claimants will no longer have to pay employment tribunal fees when they bring a case. At the moment, issue fees and hearing fees can add up to £1,300 for cases including unfair dismissal and discrimination in the workplace.

Paternity leave

Labour will increase paid paternity from two weeks to four weeks, and the rate of paternity pay will also rise. 

New bank holidays

Another of Labour’s eye-catching but opinion-dividing policies is the introduction of four new bank holidays. These are proposed for the patron saints of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. This means an extra day off for many of those working in professional services, but for staff working in retail, hospitality, and leisure, it could mean extra hours.

We’ll also be taking a look at the Conservatives’ and Liberal Democrats’ manifestos this week, so stay tuned to the Love Success blog to find out more about their proposals on workers and employment, as well as the latest permanent and temporary PA jobs and opportunities.


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