How to Bag That Dream Promotion in 2017

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Another year has drawn to a close – and that means you have another year of experience at your current job in the bag. Perhaps that means that 2017 is the year you start to hunt down that dream promotion. After all, you’ve shown you’re a great asset in the workplace, and you feel totally ready to take that next step up the career ladder. If you’re hoping to bag one of the top PA jobs, finance roles, or marketing jobs in London, you can make it happen this year. As experts in recruitment, Love Success are one of the leading London recruitment agencies, and we can show you how to bag that dream job.

Seek a mentor

It’s time to show how serious you are about making progress in your career – and one of the ways you can do that is by finding a mentor. A business mentor is someone you admire within a similar field to yours; someone who will guide and inspire you, as well as helping you connect with the right people to further your career. Many mentors have helped their protégées to achieve career success, dispensing invaluable advice from someone who has been there and accomplished it already. Speak to someone in your own company to see whether there’s a mentor scheme available to you, or seek out one of the many mentoring charities and services available all over the UK.

Showcase your leadership skills

In order to show your bosses you have the right attitude and experience to progress to the next level, be upfront and ask them for a little more responsibility. Whether it’s overseeing a new directive at work or leading a particularly big project, taking on more responsibility is a great ‘audition’, and a chance for you to show off your skills. Sure, you might have to put in some overtime for the next couple of months, but it’ll be worth it when you’re taking your place in your brand new office a few floors up.

Discover the power of networking

Perhaps you already know how to network – in which case, get out there and do it! If you’re not usually one for networking, now is the time to up your game and start making new connections. Networking doesn’t always have to involve passing your business card to strangers at a special event – maybe you simply attend a work event and spend some time building more of a rapport with your managers or superiors. Whatever you do, if you’re going to spend time networking, keep it professional.

Keep your options open

If you’ve had your eye on a certain position within your current company, it can feel frustrating if you’re constantly being overlooked for the role. That’s why you should keep your options open. Listen to offers from other companies, or apply for external roles similar to the one you covet. Sign up for a leading recruitment agency and see what other opportunities are out there for someone with your skills. 

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