Perks of the Job: Life at the World’s Biggest Companies

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Over the past decade, high-profile employers all over the world have devoted their efforts to creating fantastic workplaces for their staff, as well as offering a multitude of cool, quirky, and downright envy-inducing perks. From Apple and Google to Starbucks and Netflix, some of the world’s biggest brands have developed glowing reputations for the way they look after their staff. Ever wondered what life is like for employees at these enormous firms? As a leading London recruitment agency, we got a sneak peak at some of the world's biggest firms just for you. So let’s take a look…


The world’s biggest social network is renowned for having one of the world’s happiest workforces. The enormous campus is like a small town in itself – it has a bank, a doctor’s office, a gym, a barber shop, a dry cleaners, a video arcade, and a plethora of restaurants for staff to enjoy. There are even communal bikes parked all over the place to help staff get around. Then there’s the actual employee benefits, which include generous holiday allowances, wellness stipends to support healthy eating and exercise, paid leave for both new mothers and fathers, plus competitive pensions and retirement plans. Phew! Where do we sign up?


The ubiquitous search engine is another of the world’s best places to work. The actual offices are famously quirky, with nap rooms, slides, rooftop allotments, and working bars on-site, for all staff to use. There’s gourmet food available, and you can even bring your dog to work with you! Like many other companies, Google is also making life easier for new parents, offering paid leave and a bonus called ‘baby bonding bucks’ to help with everyday expenses like nappies and milk formula. There are free daycare sites at Google to ensure there are no barriers for new parents returning to work.


It should be every music lover’s dream to work for Spotify. Not only are free concert tickets and listening equipment a staple, but the company also hosts employee ‘concert lunches’ for staff, inviting world-famous artists to perform during their dinner break. Spotify has also been known to help employees with fertility issues, paying for egg-freezing to help their staff become parents. Amazing!


The industry-disrupting accommodation platform was voted the Best Place to Work in 2016, and it’s easy to see why. The company gives all employees a yearly stipend of around £1,500 ($2,000) to be spent on travel alone, as well as access to AirBnB-listed accommodation all over the world. What better way to say thanks to your staff than offering them access to incredible holidays? We're on board!


It’d be hard to describe this company’s perks in less than 140 characters! Not only does it offer the regular employee benefits (generous pensions, plenty of annual leave), it also makes sure staff are permanently stimulated while at work, with everything from acupuncture sessions to improvisation classes available.

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