Top 10 Most Annoying Habits at Work!

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Whether you’re an executive assistant, a top London PA, a marketing manager, or have an office job in London or another big city, you likely spend your working days in close proximity with a lot of colleagues. This isn’t usually a problem, but what about when your colleagues begin to annoy you? With our years of experience as a leading PA and secretarial agency, we know some of the most annoying traits. So here, we look at the 10 most annoying traits in colleagues – do any of them sound familiar to you?

Talking loudly on the phone

Talking on the phone comprises a major part of most office, PA, admin, or executive assistant jobs. But being overly loud with your conversations can begin to irritate everyone around you, so keep it as quiet as possible.

You come in when you’re sick

It’s admirable that many people want to push on through and carry on working when they’re sick. But your colleagues won’t be thanking you if they all catch the catch cold or flu that you’ve been suffering with. If you're not well, stay at home.

You’re not a team player

If someone else needs help with their workload and you’re not busy, you should be willing to lend them a hand in their time of need. After all, you’d like them to do the same for you. It's important to work as a team.

You can’t do things for yourself

Everyone needs some help from time to time (see above), some people will give up all too easily and ask others to do their work for them. Remember that everyone has their individual tasks and responsibilities – so don’t take advantage of their good nature by asking for help all the time.

Bad personal hygiene

Perhaps it should go without saying, but when you work closely amongst others, it can become immediately apparent if you woke up late and decided to skip your morning shower. This can be unpleasant for everyone around you – no matter how much body spray you use to try to mask it!

You’re always on your mobile phone

As well as being unproductive, it can be irritating to constantly hear the tapping of fingertips as you type a text message. The same goes for ringtones or message alerts – so keep your phone on silent.

You arrive unprepared

Arriving for meetings or work sessions without the necessary materials or knowledge can be disrespectful and rude to your colleagues. In most cases, it’s also a huge waste of everyone’s time – so make sure you’re always prepared.

Stealing lunch

Most offices have a communal kitchen shared by the whole floor or department. Unfortunately, this offers the temptation for a select minority to steal food belonging to other people. Bring your own!

Constantly complaining

Everyone needs to blow off some steam from time to time – for example, if another department is delaying a project or a friend has upset you. But constantly complaining about others can make you and those around you feel miserable. Instead of complaining, try to take positive action to solve the problem.

Stamping around the office

Try to keep the noise down as you walk around the office. Loud footsteps can be very noticeable – and distracting – in a small, quiet office. 

Have you experienced any of the above while working an office job? Or if you’re looking for a new job (potentially because a few of your colleagues feature in this list!), call us on 020 7870 7177.  


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