PA trends to watch in 2024 from London PAs

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As the landscape of professional support continues to evolve, it’s often those in PA jobs in London who are ahead of the curve with what’s going on. In this article, we delve into the insights and predictions for 2024 shared by some of the capital’s best Personal and Executive Assistants.

·      Technological innovations

Rebecca, Executive PA, told us, "2024 is ushering in a tech-driven revolution in the PA realm. We're seeing a surge in the adoption of AI-powered tools for task automation. It's allowing us to focus on high-value tasks that truly leverage our skills."

The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation is indeed a focal point for PAs in London, streamlining processes and enhancing productivity. From scheduling appointments to managing travel itineraries, technology continues to lead PA trends.

·      Hybrid working

Jayden shared, "The traditional office setup is transforming, and PAs are embracing hybrid work models along with other office workers. Virtual assistance is still gaining momentum too, providing flexibility for both sides. However, from chatting to colleagues, most London PAs and EAs are now working 1-2 days from home and 3-4 in the office."

We are settling into a more fixed pattern with hybrid working now. PAs need to exercise adaptability to maintain seamless support, whether working from home or the traditional office setting.

·      Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI)

Aisha said, "As advocates for executives, PAs are recognising the need to champion diversity in their roles. From inclusive event planning to fostering equal opportunities, we're making a difference in shaping workplaces that celebrate diversity."

The importance of DEI is taking centre stage in PA responsibilities. PAs are actively contributing to creating inclusive workspaces, reflecting the people who live and work in London.

·      Taking charge of your professional development

Alexis is taking charge of her learning in 2024, saying, "The learning curve for PAs is perpetual. In 2024, investing in professional development is non-negotiable. From mastering new software to refining communication skills, the commitment to growth is palpable. With training budgets under pressure, we need to take charge of our own development."

London's PAs excel through continuous development and there are many opportunities to take charge of this yourself so that you stay ahead of the curve.

·      Looking after your own wellbeing

There’s a growing trend for PAs to recognise that to best serve their executives, they need to take care of themselves. Emily told us, "As PAs, we are not only guardians of schedules but also advocates for wellbeing for ourselves and those we work with. The emphasis on mental health and work-life balance is shaping how we approach our roles."

The well-being of PAs is a key focus in 2024, especially as PAs are increasingly taking on roles that incorporate elements of wellness coordination.

·      Steadiness through change

Charlie said, "Change is the only constant, and PAs are adept at navigating it. Whether it's organisational restructuring or adopting new technologies, our role as change enablers is pivotal."

Change management is a skill set increasingly valued in PA roles, and will be essential in 2024.

Supporting London’s PAs in 2024

We’re here to help your PA career in 2024. Stay ahead of the trends and consider if this is the year to take on a new PA challenge.

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