Office support professionals share WHY they chose their job

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In the heart of London's office landscape, it’s the support professionals play a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth functioning of businesses – from HR to accounts, and from admin to facilities management, we need them all. Have you ever wondered what drives individuals to choose office support jobs in London? Let's hear directly from these professionals as they share their unique reasons, passion, and enthusiasm for their chosen roles.

Finding purpose in organisation

Aneira, an Administrative Assistant, finds purpose in bringing order to the workplace. "I love the sense of organisation that comes with my role. Being an Administrative Assistant allows me to ensure everything runs seamlessly, creating an efficient and positive work environment."

Keeping engaged with different things

Amir, a Receptionist, values the diversity his role brings. "As a Receptionist, I get to interact with people from all walks of life. It's a front-row seat to the diversity that defines London. Every day is different, and that keeps me engaged and excited."

Making a difference to someone else

Olivia, a Personal Assistant, finds fulfilment in making a difference. "Being a Personal Assistant is more than managing schedules; it's about making a real impact. Supporting my executive allows them to focus on their priorities, and that sense of contribution is immensely rewarding."

Getting stuck into challenges

Jordan, an Accounts Manager, enjoys the challenges that come with the role. "Being an Accounts Manager means juggling multiple tasks, and I thrive on it. Each day presents new challenges, from problem-solving to team coordination. It's the variety that keeps me on my toes."

Enjoying collaboration and teamwork

Alicia, a Team Coordinator in Marketing, values her role in enabling collaboration. "In a fast-paced environment, being a Team Coordinator is like being the glue that holds everything together. Facilitating collaboration among team members and seeing projects come to life is incredibly satisfying."

Creating solutions

Samir, an IT Support Specialist, finds purpose in supporting innovation. "IT may seem mundane to some, but as an IT Support Specialist, I'm contributing to the foundation of how things work. Working tech is crucial for informed decisions, and I take pride in being part of that process."

Frontline customer interaction

Hannah, a Customer Service Representative, values the interactions with clients. "Being a Customer Service Representative is all about connecting with people. I genuinely enjoy helping clients, resolving issues, and leaving them with a positive experience. It's the human touch that makes the job rewarding."

Being part of a team

Leo, an Executive Assistant, values his role in contributing to team success. "As an Executive Assistant, I work closely with the leadership team to ensure our collective goals are met. It's about contributing to the success of the entire team, and that's incredibly motivating."

Bringing order to chaos

Zara, an Office Assistant, finds purpose in maintaining order behind the scenes. "Being an Office Assistant is really rewarding. I take pride in ensuring everything runs smoothly, from supplies to schedules. It's about creating a conducive atmosphere for everyone."

Enjoying creativity

Max, a Marketing Assistant, values the creativity embedded in his role. "In the world of Marketing, every project is an opportunity to bring creativity to the table. From content creation to campaign strategies, my role allows me to infuse fresh ideas into the mix."

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