How do you use your London commute?

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If you’ve got a decent length commute into your office support job in London, you’re not alone. In our experience, most of our candidates have a commute of around 40 minutes to over an hour. That’s a good chunk of time to get things done, whether for work or pleasure! So how can you use your commute? We chatted to some of our candidates to find out what they do.

Planning and preparation

For many office support professionals, the journey to work is more than just a means of reaching the destination; it's an opportunity to set the tone for the day. As Sophie, a dedicated administrative assistant, states, "I use my morning commute to plan my day mentally and by making a to-do list on my phone. It's like a mini-strategy session before the real action begins."


For Emily, an IT support specialist, the London commute is an invaluable learning space. "I've turned my commute into a classroom. With podcasts, audiobooks, and online courses, I'm constantly upgrading my skills – and it’s not just work related. I’m currently learning Norwegian on Duolingo and learning about penny share investments!"

Cracking on with some work

We’re all familiar with remote working and that means we might choose to work on the commute. TJ, a marketing executive, only travels in to the office twice a week but it’s a long journey. "With a my laptop on the journey I can draft emails, review documents, and even work on reports. It's a productive use of time that sets the tone for a seamless transition into the workday," he shares.

Getting lost in a good book

For book lovers like Mia, a receptionist with a passion for reading, the commute is her quality reading time. "I've rediscovered the joy of reading during my commute. A good book can transport you from the busy Tube to a different world. It's a mindful and enriching start to the day," she enthuses.

Winding down after work

The journey home is equally crucial. It's a time for reflection and unwinding after a day of office work. Ed, a finance officer, shares, "I use my evening commute to decompress. Whether it's listening to music or just staring out of the window, it helps me transition from work mode to home mode."

Leila, an office manager, practices mindfulness. "I use a meditation app to incorporate mindfulness into my commute home. It's a moment to centre myself after a busy day," she explains.

Keeping in touch

Lawrence shared with us, "For me, the commute is about staying in touch with friends and family. I catch up on WhatsApp and get up to date on my social platforms. I can’t connect during the day, but these relationships matter to me and need time. The commute makes that possible. I’m often planning my weekend too!"

Bonding with a colleague

Louise shared, "I commute with a colleague, and it's become a ritual. We share stories, discuss work, and sometimes just have a good laugh. It turns the commute into a social experience. It’s made us really effective and productive in the office as we have such a good connection."

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Whether you're planning, learning, working, reading, reflecting, or connecting, the London commute offers endless possibilities. The commute needn’t be the grind some think it is.

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