How do you discover the truth about work-life balance at interview?

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Interviews are a two-way street, not just an employer scrutinising a potential candidate. When considering office support jobs in London, it's crucial to decode the elusive concept of work-life balance – it’s one of the keys to job satisfaction. Knowing what you’re ‘getting into’ is vital to ensure expectations match and that you feel engaged and committed to your new role.

Getting the lowdown

So, how do you get the lowdown on work-life balance during an interview for office support jobs in London without implying that you’re work-shy or not likely to be committed? First and foremost, listen attentively to the cues embedded in the questions asked and the things spoken. Employers often drop hints about their company culture and expectations. Phrases like "flexible working hours" or "emphasis on employee wellbeing" are key to understanding their stance on work-life balance. You can then use these to pick up and question more.

Read between the lines

While your potential employer is assessing your suitability for their vacancy, take a moment to read between the lines. Ask about the team's working dynamics, and pay attention to the non-verbal cues from your interviewers. Are they rushing through answers about work hours, or do they show genuine enthusiasm when discussing a healthy work-life balance? These subtle signs can provide valuable insights.

Try to see where you’ll work

Don't hesitate to ask for a tour during your interview for office support jobs in London. Is it a hive of activity? If you sit outside the office at 5pm, do most people leave around then or not? Observing the workplace in action can give you a glimpse into the company's work culture. An energetic and vibrant atmosphere may indicate a dynamic work environment that values a balance between professional and personal life.

Figure out who to ask

If you ask for a tour, a potential colleague is likely going to be tasked with it. Don't be shy about quizzing your future teammates about their experiences. Ask about their daily routines, how the company supports work-life balance, and any challenges they face. Their honest responses can provide you with a realistic picture of what to expect. They will feed back to the hiring manager, but it can be an insightful informal chat.

Do some research

Prior to the interview for office support jobs in London, delve into the company's policies and reviews. Scour through employee testimonials on platforms like Glassdoor to gauge the work-life balance from an insider's perspective. A company with a positive track record in supporting work-life balance is likely to continue prioritising it. You can always ask us too!

Trust your instincts

Lastly, trust your instincts. During the interview or offer stage, if something feels amiss or overly stressed, take note. Your gut feeling can be a reliable guide in determining whether the company truly values work-life balance or if it's merely paying lip service.

Unlocking the truth about work-life balance during an interview for office support jobs in London requires a keen eye, attentive ears, and some intuition!

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