How to request an interview time change without harming your success

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You've received that coveted invitation to interview for an office support job in London. You're excited and ready to shine, but then reality hits: the scheduled interview time clashes with another commitment. Is this game over? We don’t think so. But it does take some careful handling.

Here's how to request an interview time change without harming your success.

Do you really need to change the time?

Employers are generally happy to consider a change for a very good reason. However, they want to see flexibility, and if the other commitment can be changed, then it should be. Consider your priorities and if there is any chance you can make other arrangements for the clashing commitment.

If you do need to make a change then:

·       Act quickly

Timing is crucial. As soon as you realise that the interview time won't work for you, reach out to the employer promptly. This shows your professionalism and respect for their time.

·       Be honest

Honesty is your best policy. Explain the reason for the request and be truthful about the conflict. Whether it's a prior commitment, a family emergency, or any other genuine reason, your potential employer will appreciate your honesty. If you can provide evidence, this can help demonstrate authenticity as unfortunately many hiring managers are spun tall tales! However, avoid over-explaining your situation or providing unnecessary details.

·       Be polite

Manners go a long way. Compose a polite and courteous email to request the time or date change. Address your message professionally and express your gratitude for the opportunity to interview. Part of this involves acknowledging the inconvenience. Apologise for any disruption and assure them that you value the opportunity to interview with their company.

When the employer replies, you then need to:

·       Be flexible

While you have a valid reason for requesting a time or date change, be open to alternative slots that work for the employer. Accommodate their schedule as much as possible. If there are other specific times and dates you can do, be upfront about these.

·       Show gratitude

Whether your request is granted or not, express your gratitude for the employer's consideration. It leaves a positive impression and keeps the door open for potential future opportunities.

·       Continue preparations

While awaiting the response to your request, continue your interview preparation. Don't let the uncertainty of the interview time change distract you from getting ready to impress your potential employer. Importantly, they may bring the interview time forward, so you need to be prepared.

·       Confirm the details

Before the rescheduled interview, confirm all the details with the employer. Ensure you have the correct time, location, and any other relevant information for the new time and date.

Consider your options

If the hiring manager seems unwilling to accommodate a time or date change, assuming you have a good reason, it’s important to consider your choices. In reality, do you want to work for an employer that isn’t flexible enough to allow this change?

Booking a mutually good time for an interview is one of the many benefits of using a London recruitment agency. We can negotiate for you, without tarnishing your first impressions.  Contact Love Success Recruitment.



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