The good and the bad of working in customer service

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In the landscape of office support jobs in London, customer service stands out as a crucial and rewarding field. There are usually plenty of opportunities and there’s typically excellent career progression. To provide you with a well-rounded perspective, we've gathered insights from some of our candidates who have successfully navigated the highs and lows of working in customer service.

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The Good

Making a difference

Zainab highlights the satisfaction of making a difference, "Helping customers and seeing their gratitude is incredibly rewarding. It's fulfilling to know you've resolved their issues. My role involves building client relationships, so I feel that personal level of being involved. It’s really satisfying."

Becoming an expert communicator

"Customer service hones your communication skills," says Jon. "You learn to empathise, listen actively, and communicate effectively. It’s great for my career, but it’s reaped rewards in my personal life too. The ability to communicate well is invaluable in so many ways."

Getting engaged and solving problems

Jasmine values the constant challenge, "Every day brings unique situations. It keeps you sharp and enhances your problem-solving abilities. But this also keeps me really engaged. I don’t get bored, like I did in my old job. I get stuck in and love to fix issues."

Being part of a great team

"Customer service is brilliant for teamwork," explains Wez. "Collaborating with colleagues to deliver exceptional service is both motivating and enjoyable. I love being part of such a brilliant team. There’s a bit of healthy competition, but we’ve all got each other’s back and we have a brilliant atmosphere."

Career growth

Milly says, "Starting in customer service, I've climbed the career ladder. It's a stepping stone to diverse office support jobs in London. I started out in a call centre. Then I moved into administration. I’m back in customer service now as a manager."

The Bad

Tricky customers

"Dealing with irate customers can be tough," admits Niall. "It requires patience and resilience to maintain professionalism. But when you get a ‘win’, you realise why you’re there."


"Repetitive tasks in very junior roles can be draining. Customer service requires you to maintain enthusiasm, even during routine interactions," says Elodie. “The solution is to break up your tasks for variety and scale the ranks quickly!”


"Occasionally, customers' emotions can take a toll," says Hira. "You must learn to manage stress and maintain emotional balance. I work in customer service in healthcare and our customers are worried patients, and it can be hard not to absorb their concerns. I’ve had to learn to leave them at the office."

A career in customer service

Working in customer service is a journey filled with ups and downs, but it's a journey that can be immensely fulfilling. Most of our candidates, once they’ve tried customer service, get quite addicted to the buzz! It’s a great career niche with lots of opportunities across various sectors.  

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