Why I will temp my way through the recession

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At Love Success, we’ve seen how temp work in London thrives during economic downturn and presents excellent opportunities for individuals to develop their career. We chatted to some of our candidates who plan on temping during the recession. It’s fascinating to hear their reasons!

·      Good employers

Sabrina revealed, “I was chatting to my consultant at Love Success and she explained that the best employers turn to temps during recessions. They feel more secure using temps almost as part of the interview process for permanent jobs. I think any business that’s hiring during the recession is probably doing well, so I think this is a great way not to miss out on opportunities which won’t initially be advertised as permanent roles.”

·      More hours

Rafi explained, “I have a 9-5 job but I will need to earn more cash during the recession. I will do some temping in London when needed to increase my income. It’ll be hard but I’ll earn more per hour as an office support temp than I would in other roles like retail or hospitality.”

·      Building skills

Sophie said, “I don’t want the recession to hinder my career progression and I’m confident that it won’t. From previous experience, I know that doing temp work is a great way to build skills fast. It’s a brilliant way of getting skills and exposure in real-world situations. These skills can then go on your CV which helps you nab the next job.”

·      Managing redundancy

Amanda explained, “Unfortunately, I was made redundant in December with my employer citing the recession as the reason. It’s knocked by confidence a bit. But I was talking to my consultant at Love Success and he told me that temping in London is a great way to keep working and prevent a gap on my CV until I find my next permanent role. So, that’s what I’m doing.”

·      Getting the cash

Mike told us, “Chances are that employers will be reluctant to give pay rises during the recession but of course, individuals need more money in their household finances. I am going to use temping in London to get good pay for the work I do. I’ve seen how employers pay good money for skilled office support temps.”

·      The world of work

Xavier said, “I only graduated recently, and after a few months to travel, I don’t really know what I want to do. I guess starting my career at the beginning of a recession isn’t ideal. But that’s why I am planning to do temping in London in office roles. I want to try out different jobs and different employers so that I can figure out what I want to do with my future.”

At Love Success, we always have available temporary jobs in London of various types across office support niches. Whatever your reasons for temping, we are here to help you find the position you want. Our Wait4Work service even means you can get jobs on the day in London if you need them.


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