Top challenges for PAs in 2023 as revealed by you!

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It’s always best to be prepared and any challenge can be turned into an opportunity with the right preparation. So, at our popular PA recruitment agency, we chatted to individuals in PA jobs in London about what they think the biggest challenges will be over the coming year.

·      Tech changes

Justin told us, “By far and away the biggest challenge I see on the horizon is the increasing need to utilise and learn new tech. There are continual changes in this arena and you really need to stay on top of it to manage. From within the role, I also want to lead which platforms and software we will use for things like diary management. This way I can use my time most efficiently.”

·      Number of execs

Claudia explained, “Over the last 15 years that I have been working as a PA in London, I have seen a huge shift towards PAs and Executive Assistants working for multiple executives. There’s now a team-based approach to being a PA. It’s less 1:1. This means that you can be working for multiple executives, all with different demands. A huge challenge for PAs is to make sure each executive gets what they need without being superhuman!”

·      Dissatisfied staff

“As a PA, it’s often our responsibility to shield the executives from within the organisation,” says Carole. “This year I anticipate that we will be on the receiving end of more disgruntled staff. There was a pay freeze announced before Christmas, and with the cost of living crisis, people are feeling the pinch. It’s important my bosses know the general feel of the company and state of morale, but they don’t need to be weighed down with the minutiae.”

·      Working hours

Ethan said, “I think 2023 will be a challenge for many PAs in terms of working hours. Gradually, over the pandemic years, it became normal for PAs to work more and more hours. With Work From Home capability, many of us fell into working the same hours as our executives, or even more. Realistically, that’s not sustainable. Talking to PA colleagues, many of us intend to draw firmer boundaries once more in 2023. There will inevitably be push back. We’ve talked about how if that happens, we’ll look for new jobs.”

·      Project working

Samantha told us, “The role of the PA is increasingly merging with that of projects assistance. The challenge for PAs in 2023 is to ensure they have the skills to enable their career to develop in this area. We need to seek training in projects management and administration so that we can do this aspect of our roles effectively. It’s actually a really exciting time to be a PA.”

·      Dealing with change

Kim explained, “2023 is going to be a year of change. Many think it won’t be anything like the last few years because we saw such huge changes then. But with the recession, organisations are going to restructure and make changes to thrive in difficult economic times. That will require PAs to be flexible and comfortable with changing workplaces and situations.”

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