How to avoid the most common PA interview mistakes and get the job!

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Are you looking for PA jobs in London? Worried about getting through the interview? You are not alone! Many people worry that they will make mistakes when they attend interviews, but Love Success is here to help. Take a look at some of the most common PA interview mistakes and find out how to combat them so you can get the job you want!

Not researching your prospective employer

The first issue that an interviewer will pick up is whether you have taken the time to prepare and learn about them and the advertised job. Heading into an interview with generic preparation will make you appear unbothered about their company, resulting in you being turned down for the job. Take the time to find out what the business does, its role in the local community and their vision and values, as this will help you to tailor your answers in a specific way so that they can see how important the job is to you.

Not being honest about your skillset

Another big issue for interviewers is when candidates claim to have a specific skill set, only to find that they are not being completely honest about what they can do. Many employers will happily offer training and support to the right candidate, so make sure that you are upfront about what you can do and truthful about where you need further input. Being honest also shows a prospective employer that you are trustworthy, making you a strong contender for the job vacancy.

Not being open about your strengths and weaknesses

You will always be asked about your strengths and weaknesses, as your prospective employer will want to gauge your honesty and self-perception. Steer clear of cliches such as 'I work too hard' but also avoid getting too deep and introspective. All your future employer wants to know is whether you can recognise flaws in your work to overcome them and what strengths they can look forward to having within their business, so never undersell yourself!

Not preparing for interview tasks

Finally, many employers now include an interview task to help them decide who to hire. The task is usually something you'd do as part of your PA role and is designed to show if you have the required skills. Instead of turning up unprepared, seek clarification on whether there will be a task and if you can have any details beforehand. Doing this will give you a chance to ask any questions before your interview day comes around. If it is an unseen and unprepared task, remember to take your time and thoroughly read all the instructions before diving in – this will help you avoid making silly errors.

Use a PA recruitment agency

If you want more support to find perfect PA jobs in London, then a PA recruitment agency is a great idea. At Love Success, we have a wide range of employers looking for their next PA and a team of recruitment consultants that can help you achieve your goal. Upload your CV today, and one of our team will be in touch to discuss your job requirements. When you choose Love Success, you will get the support you need to ace your interview!


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