What do you love about temping in London?

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With business confidence being hit a bit recently, we know that employers are increasingly turning to candidates willing to do temp work in London. It can feel odd to consider temping in London as a career choice, so we thought we’d chat to some of our temps about what it is they love about the job.

Flexibility is great

“I’ve got to say that the number one thing I love about temping in London is the flexibility,” says Farshad. “I can’t get that same flexibility in a permanent role. Typically, I love to take a good chunk of time out in spring to make the most of the ski season and that’s impossible with a regular committed role.”

“I need flexibility for different reasons,” says Jonathan. “I have a son with significant disabilities. For me, temporary jobs mean that I can increase or decrease my workload according to the health and care needs of my child at any point.”

The money is good

Jack told us, “Seriously, the money as a temp is definitely better than working in a perm position. I was quite shocked when I discovered that I was paid more as a temp than standard employees. Also, when you use Love Success, they negotiate the rate for you and ensure you’re always being paid fairly.”

Louise agreed, but for different reasons, “When I work as a temp in office support jobs, I get paid by the hour. I use a time sheet and I can clearly see what I earn. When I was in a permanent role with a salary, I had contracted hours, but we always went over these. The company weren’t good at paying overtime and so in reality I earned much less per hour because I was regularly working well beyond my standard hours.”

Getting experience

Lynette said, “You can’t beat the excellent experience that you rank up by temping in London. You just can’t get such diverse experience quickly in permanent roles. One month I might be working in a media agency and then the next I’m in The City in finance. This means I’ve been able to find out more about different sectors which has helped me decide my career. But it also means I have a lot more experience for my CV than other people my age. This has helped my career too!”


Eric told us, “Temping in London has really built my confidence. I have to get out there and apply for jobs regularly so I’ve built belief in myself that I can do interviews and go through first days without batting an eyelid! When friends talk about being terrified about a job interview, it feels alien to me. And in turn, I think that confidence now means I’m more likely to get the job I want. I just have a confidence that says ‘I can do this’ and I think employers like that.”

Are you considering temping in London?

There are a growing number of temporary jobs in London at the moment. Get in touch on 020 7870 7177 to find out more about the perks of being a Love Success temp.


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