How to get an admin job with no experience

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Working as an admin assistant is a gateway role to building a career in office support jobs in London. You’ll deal with a range of administrative tasks on a daily basis and you’ll quickly gain skills to propel your career in a range of different areas from facilities management to customer service, or Human Resources and office management.  But how do you get these office support jobs in London if you’ve not yet got any experience?

1.    Focus on skills on your CV

Without experience, the key focus of your CV should be your skills. You’ll have developed some of the skills needed in office administration through your education – word processing skills and organisational skills, for example. List achievements alongside how these skills made the accomplishment happen.

Whilst talking about skills, if you are still in school, do your best to get good grades, particularly in English and maths. This showcases your work ethic and provides a solid foundation for building further admin skills.

2.    Get some more skills

Getting experience is hard, but gaining skills is not. You can take online courses or attend training to build your skills. At Love Success, we can support you with our free software training. We even undertake assessments on key administrative skills so that you can add these to your CV.

Skills that you should aim to acquire include all the MSOffice skills, but other skills such as customer service and bookkeeping can be useful too.

3.    Consider work experience

Enquiring about work experience with a potential employer can be an excellent way of garnering a little experience, a reference and even a foot in the door. It can be a chance to show that you can perform and are quick to learn, even without prior experience.

4.    Get a recruitment agency in your corner

It is a tall order to sell yourself as a candidate without experience. A recruitment agency will be better positioned to do this for you. They can identify ideal entry roles and also know which employers are best for first time admin staff. They can also help you shape your CV and make winning applications.

5.    Consider temporary jobs in London

Employers may find it harder to take a gamble on someone with no experience for a permanent role. However, in temporary jobs, there is usually a more flexible approach. And this is a great way of building up your experience. Multiple temporary admin jobs will help you gain broad experience quickly and this positions you for the roles you’re looking for on a more permanent basis.

6.    Volunteer

Taking on a voluntary role, from helping to run a youth group to offering admin support for a local sports club, has many benefits. One of these benefits is that you gain experience in a less pressured environment which you can then use to secure paid work.

At Love Success, we can help you find the perfect admin role – whatever your level of experience. Register as a candidate.


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