How to improve your digital skills and why it could be a career making move

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Pretty much every office-based job description calls for digital skills. Yet most people don’t have the digital skills needed by businesses in the current world of work. 52% of people are lacking the digital skills needed in the workplace. This is a big problem for employers. But it does mean that those people who recognise this and take steps to develop their digital skills, are highly attractive to businesses and likely to excel in their chosen area.

Digital skills are a must-have. From digital collaboration with real-time software and file sharing through to security measures and productivity software such as Microsoft Office, you need a wide arsenal of digital skills. The fantastic news is that acquiring many digital skills can be low cost and easy to access, being digital.

So, how can you improve your digital skills and where should you focus your attention?

Steps to improve your digital skills

1.     Consider the digital skills you need

Start by being honest with yourself about the digital skills you have and your own personal ‘digital skills gap’. One way to do this is to look at job adverts for the type of roles you’d like to go for. Look at the digital skills listed. Start to make a list. Also consider the skills you are aware of within your current workplace, and ways you perhaps avoid digital processes. Be honest; this is just for your personal knowledge.

If you’ve been out of the workplace for a while then look at what has changed since before. This is particularly vital if you’ve not worked since before, or early on in, the pandemic.

2.     Create a digital upskilling plan

Once you’ve worked out the skills you need to develop, it’s time to plan how you will develop them. You may be able to request specific training within your existing workplace. You could also do a search for relevant courses in your local area or online – many of which might be free. Some skills can be acquired simply by setting a challenge and ‘playing’ with the programme.

At Love Success, for those looking for office support jobs in London, you also have access to our Free Assessment Centre, which includes courses to develop skills in various digital programmes.

Write a plan with each skill, how you will develop it and a personal timeline.

3.     Start with collaboration tools

Since the pandemic, collaboration and communication tools are the obvious place to start. From Microsoft Teams to Zoom, work through free online tutorials and use these platforms to do practice runs with friends and family.

From here, move onto different skills according to priority. Remember to keep an open mind and use a growth mindset, so that you can develop the skills you need.

Keep coming back to your plan and revisit it.

Many employers are aware that candidates lack the digital skills they need. As such, many are willing to develop the needed skills in-house, if you show an ability to learn and develop. Don’t shy away from developing digital skills – they are exactly what will make you stand out at the best candidate.

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