What Do You Love and Hate about Your PA Job in London?

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On the whole, those in PA jobs in London love what they do. However, if you’re considering being a Personal Assistant as a career, you probably want some candid opinions of what it’s really like. We chatted to a bunch of our London PAs to find out what they love and what they hate about their working life, so that you can get an authentic and complete picture of the job.


Loves: “I love being able to use my passion for organising and get paid for it. I have a real sense of order and it brings me great pleasure to use that in my role.”

Hates: “If I’m honest, I hate my commute. It’s fine some days, but the Tube can be so hot and packed and sweaty! I like it when it’s dry and I can walk more of the journey!”


Loves: “I love the project work I get to do. I think project work is becoming more and more a part of the PA role. I enjoy seeing something from start to finish.”

Hates: “Spam in my inbox! It takes some management to clear it out and not let any slip through!”


Loves: “I really enjoy the relationships with my colleagues and executives. I’ve built fabulous rapport which really helps with communication and making every workday a pleasure.”

Hates: “Not in this role, but what I love can also be what I hate. If you’re in a workplace where the relationships are poor or there’s bullying, move on—life is too short.”


Loves: “I love making travel arrangements. I know it’s for work reasons, but I find it really exciting! I love looking into things my executive needs to know about the country she’s travelling to. I’ve really missed that during Covid.”

Hates: “Filing is frustrating! I keep trying to make sure we’re heading towards paperless processes, but somehow we still generate a crazy amount of filing. I fit it in around other tasks to break it up!”


Loves: “I love everything about my job if I’m honest. I have a lot of autonomy which really helps. I just enjoy knowing that I’m making a difference to the people around me and that what I do is worthwhile to them.”

Hates: “I really can’t think of anything that I hate! I get a bit bored with some of the repetitive computer tasks, but I just break them up by doing things I do enjoy.”


Loves: “I love greeting clients when they arrive at the office, and making sure they have everything they need. I get a lot of pleasure from making people feel welcome and knowing that I’m putting them at ease before my boss comes along. Even if he’s ready to meet them straight away, he always sends me first as the welcoming committee.”

Hates: “I hate it when someone nicks my meeting room! It’s just cheeky. But I normally know the culprit and can work around it.”

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